whiter teeth, ickier mouth


Uch, I just used Cre5t Wh1te Str1ps (I know that's annoying but I don't want to get a lot of google hits from using the real words--I learned my lesson from the catapault builders and the people searching for midget contortionists), and my mouth feels sort of icky. I can't even describe it, really, it's just kind of icky. But I'm giving these things a shot, because it Would be nice to have whiter teeth.

Yesterday I was fabulously pampered. I redeemed my last year's Valentine's Day gift certificate for the facial, manicure, and pedicure and I loved it so much. I'd never been to a spa before, and I was a bit intimidated to go, but there was no reason to be. I got the facial first, and it was nice, though odd to have my face touched. I lost track of all the things smeared on my face, but there were a lot, one after another (it was an hour long facial). After that I got the pedicure, and I think I liked that the best because my feet haven't been so soft for Ever. People, I have the heels of a toddler. I got a very dark purple on the toenails, almost black, and I love it. The manicure was last, and I love how shiny and hard the polish is. I think this polish is going to last a really long time, which is not something I'm used to when I paint my own nails.

Otherwise yesterday Francisco and I worked on the Boy's new Pad (Francisco did all the work, really--I just helped out a bit with rearranging toys, and also I sewed a couple sheets together to make a comforter cover), and we watched Tadpole while having bagels with cream cheese, capers. and smoked salmon, plus salad on the side. That was dinner and it was So Good. Boy's Pad is complete now, and he's having a friend over today to play. I suspect there will be a lot of time spent in the Pad, with Boy pointing out the salient features. Boy's loft bed is pretty high but it has side rails so he won't roll off in the night. He is Set.

Friday I intended to update but I got busy doing various projects, and also I was extremely cranky for a little while. The reason for my crankiness is as follows: I didn't go to work, because the website said work was closed and only essential personnel should come in. HowEVER, one of my coworkers called me from work late in the morning to ask a question about a work-y thing, and practically all my coworkers were there. Since when are we essential personnel?? Being nonessential is one of the best things about my job, and I can't believe people showed up. This makes me look bad for not going in, and I was just really pissed. I mean Really. I'm pmsing and I can't shrug things off very easily right now. So I'm going in next week, every day, come hell or more snow (which, btw, we're supposed to get) because I'll be damned if I'm going to look bad again.

I'm going to the craft store this afternoon, and I'll also be making more biscotti, because the ones I made last weekend ran out this morning. I'm thinking cranberry pecan this time. For dinner (we'll be feeding Boy's friend) I'm going to make a spinach quiche, because we have spinach what needs to be et.

Yuck, I'm going to drink some water and try to get this taste out of my mouth. Come on whiter teeth!



PS If you haven't already, go to Minired's and follow the link to the contest she's trying to win. It would be so, so great if she could win, because our parents are in their 70's now and don't have any spare money laying around for a wedding. Vote Minired! |


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