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I just read a Woody Allen quote that was new to me: "We stand today at a crossroads: One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness. The other leads to total extinction. Let's hope we have the wisdom to make the right choice." I like that.

You know how I got an electric leg shaver for Christmas? Well, it has turned me into an everyday shaver. I never thought I'd do that, but it turns out if I shave the legs every day I get a smoother shave, and it's much faster to shave those tiny hairs than to shave longer ones from going two or more days between shaves. I timed my leg shaving over the weekend and it takes me 3 minutes and 9 seconds--I knew you would want this valuable information. Oh Internet, the things I do for you.

Last Friday night I went skating at the track while Francisco ran and Sharky kicked his soccer ball around, and it was fun except for how completely inept I am on skates nowadays. It'd been a long time since I skated so it took me quite awhile to feel comfortable, and then just when I did, I hit a little rock and crashed. Fortunately my only wound was a bit of track rash on my left hand (plus sore muscles in my right arm from the awkward manner in which I caught myself), and I took a picture of it but it wasn't impressive so I didn't bother to upload to Flickr. I was wearing gloves or the scrapeage would've been much worse. As I was sprawled on the ground, and after I figured out I wasn't damaged, I said out loud, "Fuck you, track. I'm not giving up". And I didn't. The End. Meaning I got up and skated a few more laps and then stopped because I could feel the beginnings of blisters on my big toes.

Saturday Francisco and I went to a tienda in our small town and bought a few items. Sunday we were out for a walk in a different town and were passing another tienda and decided to check it out. It was pretty nice:

good tienda we went to yesterday

We bought a few more small items, including a couple of little plastic dogs from a machine--they're a bit like homies, only dogs. Oooh, let me tell you about a food product we tried this weekend that is really quite delicious. I don't have a photo because we ripped off the wrap and threw it away before discovering the deliciousness, but the product is guava paste. It comes in a brick (or at least the Goya brand does) and it's a firm jelly that you eat in thin slices, either plain or--wait for it--with cheese. Holy moly is That delicious. I really love guava paste and hope we always have it in the house from now on.

I went on a photo-taking expedition on Saturday, with the Smena, and I got a few pictures of a Sikh temple I've been wanting to photograph, but the day was colder than expected and overcast, so it wasn't great picture-taking weather. A bust, basically. Sunday was nicer but I didn't feel like trying again, so maybe next weekend.

Catie has a good idea for the period of Lent, for those of us who aren't religious and will therefore not be giving up anything during that time. It's a personal-challenge kind of thing, and I have decided to exactly copycat her plan of 1) doing some kind of exercise every day and 2) doing something creative every day, because those are things I've been needing and wanting to do. I am really looking forward to this personal challenge. All hail Catie and her fantastic idea!

Yesterday I realized I would need to severely limit, if not cut out altogether, my during-work internet useage if I want to get everything done that I need to get done prior to quitting, so I started that today. I decided it's okay to update my diary at work, because if I don't do it here, I probably won't do it. And, I tell you this honestly, today I did more work than I did in the whole two weeks prior to today. FACT. I am a terrible employee but am trying to reform.

Speaking of quitting, I'm going to give my notice on April 1. I will then give my notice Again on April 2, since the boss will probably think it's a joke the first time, given the timing. I can hardly wait!

Song of the Day: Dios (Malos) -- Feels Good Being Somebody, at Dreams of Horses.

Jetting out now.
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