do you really want to live forever


Personal Lent Challenge? Check.

Day one:

Exercise = Walk with Francisco, after work.
Creative thing(s) = Took pictures at lunchtime and will knit tonight.

Work was good today, meaning I again got lots of stuff done, including spiffing up the binder which contains copies of our publications. This is something I've been putting off for months and months, and it's good to finally get it done. I cleaned up and reorganized the publications folder on the L drive yesterday, so the binder was just finishing the job. I did loads of other stuff today too, but I'm pleased to get the publications under control because that was weighing on me.

I'm going home in a minute to walk with Francisco, and I'll have you know I happily passed up the chance to go out for a drink with my coworkers so I could walk and stick to my personal challenge. This wasn't supposed to be about giving stuff up, but look! I definitely am (but I don't mind).

Song of the Day: Youth Group -- Forever Young, at Come Pick Me Up.

Okay, going home now.

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