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Yesterday morning I dreamt I lived with a largish group of people, like a commune, and one of the women had a baby that everyone took turns caring for. It must've been my day because I was on diaper changing duty and I changed her about every 10 minutes because she needed it. Then she was napping and I sort of forgot about her but after I remembered I rushed in to see her and she woke up and smiled: heartbreaker. I picked her up to hold her before changing her diaper and it was a dream moment of pure sweetness. What's with me dreaming about taking care of other people's small children? I think this might be my brain's way of rewriting the Sharky adoption, but I'm not sure. I kind of wish someone would leave a baby on my doorstep except can you even imagine the paperwork we'd need to fill out so we could keep it?

I'm all excited this afternoon because Francisco and I are going to the track after I get home, and I'm going to try out my cunning new roller skating plan. We were going to go yesterday but it didn't work out for various reasons. After the track we'll pick up barbecue and take it home for consuming, plus we'll have cocktails and will watch Hamish MacBeth, a tv show my second in command boss recommended to me. We've watched disk one already (got from Netflix) and liked it, so now we have disk two to enjoy. Tomorrow I plan to go on a photo expedition, because it's been far too long since I took pictures of anything but postcards and the cats and Sharky wearing a Michael mask. It should be a gorgeous day and perfect for picture taking.

The Song of the Day is Nouvelle Vague -- Teenage Kicks, at Rock Star Journalist. Listen, does anyone have any song of the day requests? Because the challenge of finding them would be fun, though I couldn't by any means guarantee success. If you have a request, sign the guestbook or drop me an email and I'll get right on it.

I know this is a lame update after a day of not updating, but I don't have a lot to tell. The reason I didn't update yesterday is some of my coworkers and I sneaked into the conference room and watched television from 4 to 5, and that's my usual updating time. Sorry to have been a slacker, though I do have to say watching tv on the sly was pretty fun.

Have a terrific weekend!
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