2006 Burger Awards



This morning I had the idea to knit a pair of gloves that have 'LOVE' and 'HATE' across the knuckles in a contrasting color. Possibly this has already been done, but I don't care. I figure I'll make the gloves to go with my impending lucha libre ski mask, and man oh man, I am going to be so Popular.

This was the weekend of the Enormous Foods. On Friday night we got "super burritos" from the taco truck, and they were Massive. Fortunately I am suffering the pms turbo hunger right now, so I was able to put that thing away without too much effort, but in retrospect, I'm not sure how it didn't split my stomach like a ripe melon. On Saturday Sharky was off playing with friends, and Francisco and I made another attempt to get the Best Burgers in Town, at the Tav, but the kitchen was still closed for renovation. I guess I shouldn't be surprised; if I've learned anything from the experiences of friends [I'm looking at you, Catie], it's that renovations take at least 4 times as long as expected. At least this week I didn't get a concussion; that's something anyway. We decided to go to the Palace Cafe instead and both got the 'Screaming Jack Burger', and a serving of Blue Moon Ale. The burger? Was unbelievable. I just. It...oh man, SOOOOOO delicious.

Dear Tav,

You're going to be hard pressed to top the Screaming Jack Burger, and in fact, I doubt it can be done. Please hire a consortium of chefs who will work round the clock to outdo the burgers we had on Saturday. If you do not do this, you will surely lose Best Burger in Town status, at least as far as I'm concerned.

You have been warned,

I wish I'd thought to take a picture of the burger, and really every burger I consume in this town, so I could have a burger set on Flickr and give them reviews and letter grades. I guess I could still do that, right? Hmm.

In addition to consuming huge foods this weekend, we also did some Christmas preparations. We shopped (both in person at stores and on the internet), and got most of that done. I made a list of specific gifts that are left to buy, so things feel pretty under control. I also wrapped everything we have so far and put the gifts under our Christmas tree (festive!), and started a double batch of aquavit steeping, so as you can see, I was a powerhouse.

Goodwill purchases this weekend: Two sweaters (one black, one hot pink), a watering can shaped like an alligator (it is now decorating the top of my filing cabinet at work), and a pair of old-fashioned librarianish cat-eye glasses that have barely any prescription--I brought them to work so I could wear them when the spirit moves me. I picture someone asking me a difficult question, at which point I will say "let me think" and put on the glasses. We also got a couple of shirts for Sharky, and Francisco bought himself a coat that looks a lot like something the original Starsky would wear, or alternatively, Walker Texas Ranger. Anyway, he loves him that coat, though he complained this morning that it was kind of short--he alleged its length made it a shrug, even, but it's not That short. No cameras this week--there haven't been any since I found the Photoblaster--but I have high hopes for early January, because it seems to me some people will take the new year as an opportunity to clean out their stuff, and when they do, I'll be waiting.

Speaking of the new year, I have decided on two of my goals (not resolutions--I don't do those) for 2007. 1) Learn to smile pretty for the camera. Usually when my picture is taken, I'm making a frowny or otherwise unattractive face. Partly this is because I don't like my teeth (or my chubby cheeks, or my secondary chins) and don't want them to show, but the result is that I look cranky or (dog forbid) constipated in most pictures taken of me. It seems to me that finally learning to look happy in pictures could be a good thing to work on. 2) Learn to speak Spanish. Obviously this will require more effort than the picture thing, but Francisco and I have both been wanting to learn and we are deciding on our plan of attack. I'm pretty sure it will involve flashcards and some kind of audio course.

Today at lunch I started a hat for my friend, Miss Maxwell, and hopefully it will be finished and in her possession before her birthday later this month, and also hopefully she will not hate it. I have plans to make myself at least one more hat plus the lucha libre mask, but those things will need to wait until after Christmas. And re: cold weather garments, I would like to state for the record that it snowed again this weekend, and there was already still snow on the ground leftover from a couple of weeks ago. What I would like to say about the snow/ice is that so far it's a piece of cake to deal with. If I had to commute 30 miles to work, the cold weather would probably be a pain in the ass, but my walk to work has barely been hampered. The main concession I have to make for the weather is to wear hiking shoes and carry my work shoes, but now that I'm used to it, it's no problem. I'm relieved; I didn't know what to expect from this kind of weather, but it's totally doable.

I signed up for an office cookie exchange and today found out the exchange is this Friday. DOH! I guess I'll have a lot of work to do on Thursday night. I was thinking about making a recipe from Martha Stewart that we've made before, but I don't know. The cookies are super delicious but they contain dried fruits that require painstaking mincing, and I doubt I'll have the patience for that on Thursday. I think I'll make something easier--any suggestions?




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