when you're in Texas look behind you


Song of the Day: Shiki No Uta -- Minmi, at Elysian Anime. This is the song that plays during the end credits of 'Samurai Champloo', an animated series we've been devouring lately through Netflix. It's Sharky's fault, of course, as he still entertains fantasies of being a ninja-type personage, but it's a good series so Francisco and I are enjoying it too. And that song--MAN! I'm absolutely loving that song. Anyway, if you want to give it a listen, you'll have to scroll down fairly far, but you'll see it under "Samurai Champloo". The opening credit song, Battlecry, is pretty good too, and it is also available at that site.

I'll bet you thought you'd never see a Song of the Day again, didn't you? Do you really have so little faith in me?? You make me sick. No, not you. Not you either, but you, YOU make me sick. The guy behind you, ma'am. No, the other guy! You know what, just forget it.

I forgot to tell you yesterday, Francisco found out on Friday that he didn't make the short list for the Police job, so he was kind of sad. Then he found out they're not going to hire a new officer anyway, so he was a little less sad, but still kind of sad. He's got a backup plan I will talk about at another time, if it appears it will work out, but for now he's going to keep taking care of me and Sharky, which is A-Ok with us. Even as we speak, pot roast is being prepared, and that's a nice thing to come home to. I'm also fairly certain there will be clean laundry, and that is always good.

Lucy's wounds are practically healed up, which is a huge relief to me. We're still cleaning them twice a day and she's still growling menacingly, but now I think it's all about the affront to her dignity, rather than pain being caused to her. Esther is pretty well, though last night she had several asthma attacks and I ended up giving her an inhaler, which involved fumbling around in the dark to find the white inhaler and switch it out for the orange inhaler that was attached to her cat mask. Not such great sleep last night, but hopefully she'll breathe better tonight, poor thing. As for Sharky, yesterday evening he downloaded the theme song from Walker Texas Ranger, purely to torment us with it. He is evil and there is no question but that he belongs in our clan.

Tomorrow I'm slated to go to lunch with some ladies from my office, and Thursday I'll be baking a whole crapload of cookies--I'm going to make the ones Catie suggested in Monday's comments; they sound perfect. Francisco made a batch last night, to test drive them, and they were quite delicious, even without the chocolate chips. Saturday is our 17th anniversary [and Kimmy's too!] and our only plans are to try again to go to The Tav for a Super Mother burger. Come ON, Universe! Get that kitchen open, already.




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