ooooh that smell


I picked up the Photoblaster prints last night (Jessica working status: not there), and all in all they're pretty good. There were a few I was super disappointed in, but I like the vast majority of them, which is not something I can say about most of the prints I get back. I scanned a few last night, and put them out on Flickr, if anyone wants to see them. That camera is FUN.

Francisco made one of my favorite dinners last night--pork carnitas with tortillas y guacamole. Delicious. I've decided carnitas replace curried chicken salad as the food I would prefer to rupture my stomach with, if I had to choose one food to die from. They are especially delicious with Valentina hot sauce on them. Oh man, I'm really making myself hungry.

Besides stuffing myself full of dinner last night and scanning a few pictures, I loaded a mix cd from Rich onto our computer, read some of the Bryson book, read on the internet a little, and watched a skosh of television. We went to bed pretty early, as we planned to be at the gym by 5:15 this morning, but my alarm didn't go off loudly enough to wake us in time for the 5:15 class, so we decided to forget the whole thing and just drink coffee and watch The Daily Show instead. I slept badly [partly because I kept being awakened by the lingering smell of carnitas--food smells are disturbing to my unconscious mind] and was therefore not unhappy to have a relaxed, long pre-work morning. In one of the dreams I had, I was an accessory (or maybe even accomplice; it was unclear) to murder, and it was hard to go back to sleep after that.

Today I've been thinking about how one teeny tiny decision can turn your whole day around, or wreck it. I've also been thinking about how often, for me, being happy is as simple as choosing it, though a lot of the time I have to choose it 20 times a day because I keep forgetting. Remembering is key with that kind of choice.

That's all I've got today, lambies.




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