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If you have a minute, please go over to Elsee's place and read the stuff she says about her dad. He was such a great, odd, funny man and it made me weep a little weep to remember those things again. But not in a terrible way--just in an 'I miss him' way. I would like to add The Noodle Pot to Elsee's list. George (her dad) got on a roll for while with eating noodles. He'd buy a couple packs of the fresh noodles (the kind that come refrigerated, in a suck-pack) and put them in a large pot, along with some white sauce (also in the suck-pack), a stick of butter, a little canned broth, and some kind of meat product (frequently canned chipped beef). He would heat it up after work and eat what he wanted, and then he'd stick the whole pot back in the frig. When the contents got low, he would add more noodles, more butter, more sauce, more broth, more meat product, and just keep it going. It was like the Neverending Noodle Pot, or something. He always offered us some, when we were there, and I think we ate some once, and it wasn't, like, Horrible or anything, but it wasn't a taste sensation either. Really I think The Noodle Pot sounds grosser than it was, because he didn't eat directly from the pot, and sometimes he'd run out of everything, wash the pot, and start over. But come on--who do you know that does this kind of thing? George was one of a kind, for sure.

Francisco is taking me and Boy out for dinner tonight at a new pan-Asian restaurant that opened awhile back. We've tried to go before but it was the weekend and we didn't have the stamina to wait over an hour for a table. Hopefully it will not be as busy tonight--I am soooo hungry! Earlier I contemplated the stale cupcakes in the office kitchen and thought about going down there and eating the frosting tops off of all of them (I have a remarkably high sugar tolerance) and throwing the butts away. I didn't do it, but the thought was tempting.

Work still stinks and I think I need to take a diary hiatus for a few days. This is mainly because I feel uninspired and think an official break would help ('official' as opposed to just not posting, which is what I've been doing), but I need to work harder during the day too. I've been taking some work home to do in the evening, but I'd rather do it during work hours so I could use my home hours for more important things. Such as watching all the Buffy reruns television has to offer. I'm obsessed--it's all my friend Diana's fault. I am pointing the long bony finger of blame squarely in her direction, and she knows it. She is gleeful in her triumph.

One work thing that doesn't stink so much is that I spent a few minutes today taking pictures of some of my coworkers with a fake pregnant belly. The belly was cobbled together using a sweater and some mailing foam, and I was taking the pictures because we're having a baby shower for one coworker on Friday and someone had the big idea to have people bring in pics of when they were pregnant. Since several of us have never birthed anything, we decided to fake it. Even the two guys in the office, but they just end up looking fat. Someone took my picture too, so voila--we all have pictures and will not be left out due to not having gestated anybody.

Thank you to Jen for her amazon aerobic tape suggestion--I'm probably going to go that route, though I was stubbornly trying to use my nonexistent telepathic powers to force local athletic products merchants to start stocking them. Local stores probably hate amazon very much, but if they offered the range of products amazon does, they wouldn't lose nearly as much business.

Okay, that does it for now. I have to pee, and I have to go home. My hiatus will officially start................NOW!



PS The last time I had me a hiatus (other than being on vacation and unable to update) was last year around this time. I stayed away for all of two days, I think, before rushing back. So probably I won't be gone long. Okay--NOW. |


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