ducks and chicks and geese make me happy


Alright, people. I've been avoiding updating because I've been feeling so damn depressed the past few days. I've been telling myself not to wig out about it, that it's just pms, but this morning I realized that, yes, it IS pms, but also? The impending war and potential SARS pandemic are not helping things either. I'm hormonal but world events are also quite a downer, so pms, you can put That in your pipe and smoke it. Thank you cooperate.

This weekend we did very little. On Saturday Francisco and I accomplished close to nothing, because we were both really tired for some reason and kept just sitting around saying how tired we were. Sunday we went into tag team mode and cleaned out the refrigerator really well. It's all shiny and sparkling and free of rotting foods. About 2 hours after we finished, the bulb burned out in there, so now it's clean but we can't enjoy it because we can't see it. I'll buy a replacement bulb tonight and glory in the shiny wonder that is my refrigerator.

I wrote the previous this morning, but it's afternoon now and I feel about 512% better after walking with Francisco at lunch. There's a large public garden here that we walked through, and seeing all the blooming trees and bulbs, and the ducks and turtles and the one Great Blue Heron helped me de-stressify. Also, I fell in love all over again with my favorite radio station (you can listen through the web!), because yesterday morning they played Such good music during my drive to work that I was re-hooked. So that's a good thing. Can you tell I'm trying to talk about the good things? The bad things are self-explanatory.

In a few minutes I'm going to pick up Boy from Tae Kwon Do, and then home for dinner and Buffy. Francisco is going to the Tuesday night pistol hoedown, and so won't be home until later. And get this--he set the vcr to record Buffy, because we got him hooked. I Love when I can get him in on one of my obsessions--it's so much more fun to love things with another person. Boy likes Buffy, but not as much as I do, and anyway, I always have to make him avert his eyes when inappropriate things happen, so I don't get to relax when he watches.

I really need to find some new hobbies.


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