Hurry up, Mbotu--he's washing his butt crack!


Yesterday Francisco and I were out killing time between dropping Boy and his friend Tony off at the movies (the Cody Banks debacle) and picking them up, so we decided to check out a new coffee place that just opened. There was a new wine shop a couple doors down so we stopped in there first and ended up buying a case of wine. Never did get to the coffee place, but all that wine looks good on the rack, and I think it's going to be nice to drink. The reason we bought the case was mainly due there being a 15% price break per bottle on a case, and the wine was already quite reasonable. In other words, it was pure justification on our part, but fun.

Before the wine, we went to a few nurseries and at the last one we found some fig trees that would be good for the backyard. We need to go back in a couple of weeks with the truck to get our fig, but then it'll get planted and we can look forward to some good eating. We also have plans to put in a little brick patio in our front yard and mulch part of the yard that was previously unmulched. Little by little we're doing away with the "lawn"--we both hate lawn and ours is really a mix of a little grass with a lot of weeds throughout. Francisco hates lawn because he hates mowing, and I hate lawn because lawn is useless and sort of obligatory--people are all the time working on their lawns, and I just think, who cares? If I had my way we'd have zero grass and a lot of raised beds with gravel paths and all would be flowers and tomatoes and climbing vines.

I asked Boy if I could change his name to Cooper Mini and he is thinking it over. He's leaning toward yes, but ultimately I think we'll just someday have a big orange cat with that name. We'll call him Cooper for short, and come on, that's a funny name for a cat, no? I should keep a list of potential cat names because I'm always thinking of them and forgetting about them later.

Last Thursday after work I went to Boy's Tae Kwon Do tournament--his class was competing against another school's class (same instructor) and unfortunately his category (yellow belts) had already sparred, and Boy? Had won the big trophy. He bruised his toe and got a sore lip but he won his category and has a big fake gold trophy to prove it. He is so proud. I heard him on the phone with his grandma on Friday night and he was telling her that the tournament was pretty brutal, which was funny because it wasn't. But to hear him tell it, he triumphed against vast hordes of Mongols and came out victorious. I'm really proud of him--he's doing so well, especially compared to the first little tournament they had. Maybe he really Could be the next Jackie Chan, as is his career aspiration. We'll wait and see.

On Friday I thought my head was going to explode, and I thought I should probably pass out plastic ponchos a la Gallagher at his watermelon smashing festivals. I had so much work to do, and people kept calling me with things that were emergencies but wouldn't be if they hadn't waited several months to do what they needed to do. To top it off I had accidentally sliced my thumb in the shower before work with my razor (still not sure how I managed it), and since it wouldn't stop bleeding I had to put a big ridiculous bandaid and cotton ball bandage on it. It was my spacebar thumb and the bandage made it hard to type. I hadn't known how important my left thumb is in my everyday life--I guess I use it a lot. I couldn't put on pantihose, which was actually a good thing since I hate them, and anyway, it was a fairly warm day. Friday afternoon there was a baby shower at 3 for our coworker who is getting ready to birth a boy, so I went out at lunch and bought cheese and crackers and a baguette, and I made sure that all the cheese was French. Take That, freedom fries.

I'm rambling now, more or less, but I wanted to make the point that my Friday was busy and very stressful and I didn't like it that much, in order to illustrate why it was that I was so happy when I got home and Francisco said the magic words, "Would you like a gin and tonic?" Because I actually very much wanted a gin and tonic, but I hadn't realized it yet. It was the perfect end to an aggravating week--a gin and tonic and two episodes of Buffy. I felt at peace with the world.

I brought work home to do this weekend, so I guess I should go do that now, and while I'm at it I'll see if there happens to be a Buffy rerun on television. There probably won't be, but one can dare to dream.

Speaking of which (sort of) a big thank you to Vividdreamer for the encouragement to write. I sort of feel like writing again regularly, but I just don't know how much time I'll have to do it. So I think for right this minute I'm going to call this entry a vacation from hiatus (which I don't think makes sense) and see how the next few days go. I Want to write (or anyway, I want to want to write), so I'll try to make the time and get the writing zeal back.

Love AND kisses,


PS One of my students is in Ghana this semester, doing study abroad, and he put me on his mass email list. Last week I got an email where he talks about the time he spent living in a very small village, and do you know that when that poor boy would take a shower (from a primitive bucket shower kind of thing), his entire host family would turn out to watch? That really cracks me up. I guess they don't have much in the way of entertainment there, and watching someone wash would rank pretty far up. |


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