I must tame him


Well, I've gone and done it: I've fallen in love with one of the wild outdoor kittens. The trouble with him is he's just so damn cute, and he melts my heart twice a day (when I feed them) with how affectionate he is toward his mother and siblings. He gets all excited to be fed and starts rubbing up against them, and sometimes I think he's going to forget to be afraid of me and rub against me as well, but so far he hasn't. I've gotten him to sniff my hand a couplethree times, but that's as close as he'll get. I really think if I could tame him, I would adopt him even though Esther and Lucy would be outraged; he would be an excellent member of the family, what with all the love he dispenses.

We had a terrific weekend -- the perfect blend of chores, organizing, and relaxing. We took a walk on Saturday that included a trip to the realtor to pick up the signed contract and lead disclosure statement, and we also went to my favorite antique store. I was very sad that Francisco had to go back to sleepaway police on Sunday night, even though this is his last week there. The week can't go by fast enough, especially since work also happens to suck right now, due to students not being able to register for winter because they haven't paid their fall bills. And coworkers are out sick, which makes it even Harder--yesterday I spent two full hours seeing one student after another and was so weary when I got home that I wanted to go to bed immediately. Alas, it was not to be--teenagers and cats needed to be fed and etc. Tonight we're having leftovers and this makes me happy because I can spend extra time working on this week's goals.

I voted today during my lunch hour, and I didn't realize until someone told me that this is the last time we get to vote in person; from now on it'll be by mail or something. That makes me very sad--I LOVE to vote in person. I thought about going home to get my camera first, but that would've taken an extra 20 minutes, so I said never mind. I enjoyed the voting (of course) and I parTICularly enjoyed seeing a Known Crazy Person's name on the ballot. It's not Fake Crazy Kevin; this is a different, really crazy person. And with only one opponent! I voted for sane. On the way back from voting I stopped at the paint store and got a bunch of paint chips for our consideration. We're thinking reddish-orange/orangish-red for the kitchen, green for the living room, a darker green for our bedroom, and a light grey for the main bathroom. I didn't get a chip for this, but I'm thinking dark red for the guest bedroom; I'll give it more consideration later.

Yesterday I had a minor Sharky problem to deal with. He told me on Sunday night that he was running out of lunch money on his school account, and I said I'd write a check on Monday morning. Before writing the check I looked back in the check register to see how much Francisco had written the last check for, and it was $150. On September 4th. And, I don't know, but that seemed like rather excessive spending, you know? Especially considering that school lunch costs $2.20? I held off on writing the check and asked him to make sure he was almost out of money on his account, but yesterday morning I also called the school kitchen myself to check. The lady I spoke with pulled up his account to confirm that he'd had $150 put on there on 9/4 (I thought maybe it was recorded incorrectly) and that he was almost out of money. She scrolled through his spending and said he's been buying a la carte items, rather than the set lunch, and that he's been buying a LOT of cookies. So I was annoyed about the cookies and thought about making him take his lunch for awhile, but then decided to give him a check for $100 and tell him he has to make that last until winter break. That'll give him about $3 per day, which is not unreasonable, so I did that this morning and told him if he ran out before winter break he would need to take his lunch until the break, and he said something like "that seems very fair". I'm pretty sure the kitchen lady told him I called and found out about his cookie habit--he was acting nervous around me last night, as though he was waiting for me to lower the boom. This is good; I like to keep him on his toes.

Photos of the Day:


Green Neon

Early Morning Fog

I haven't talked about Liverpool FC for a long time, because I know nobody cares, but they're not playing very well this season so far. They're 7th in the table, which isn't horrible at this stage, but it's only through the miracle of tie games that this is happening. My boyfriend Sami has been playing every game, as Daniel Agger (young upstart! I can't help but like him though) is out injured, and the commentators just keep saying how old Sami is (34) and that his career is almost over. After he's done playing I'll have to choose another super secret soccer boyfriend, and I am already considering potential replacements. I would choose Dirk Kuyt except he frequently makes a face that reminds me of Wile E. Coyote, and I'm afraid that's a deal breaker.




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