he's on his way home


Internet friends, I love you. Thank you for your encouraging comments; they mean quite a lot to me, as do you. End of sappiness.

The house sellers are back from their cruise and signed the contract yesterday. We need to meet with our realtor tomorrow to initial the lead paint disclosure document (required for houses older than 1970-something) and also we want to ask for one small additional thing, now that we've had the inspection. The shed in the backyard has been electrically wired but there's no electricity going to it from the house. Since the seller is an electrician, we figure it would be pretty easy for him to run electricity from the house to the shed, so we're going to add that to the contract. Hopefully he will not say no, because I figure he could do it a lot more cheaply than we could hire someone to do it instead, and heck, I would even pay for the wires. Joyce! Add $20 to the selling price.

Here is a picture I took of the front of the house:

the house we're buying

And for anyone who cares, here is the house listing, which includes a few photos of the inside--mostly of the kitchen. I am still quite excited to be buying this house.

Last night I made veggie burgers for dinner, along with some bake-in-the-oven fries (should have read the packaging before buying--they are Not healthy, repeat Not healthy), and some green pea salad. I had to stop at the store for milk on the way home and was sorely tempted to buy a pack of the chewy chocolate cookies Safeway makes, but I refrained. After dinner I watched a spot of television (home improvement shows, natch) and then decided to take a couple of Tylenol PM (still had the migraine) and go to bed. I read for a little while and turned the light out around 8:30. Slept great! Feel much better! Sharky and I had a long conversation this morning! About his favorite rappers, but still, this is a huge improvement over yesterday. And it's Friday! Francisco comes home tonight! Everything is good.

I don't think I really have anything else to tell. I'm leaving in 35 minutes and will be glad to be away from work for two days. I hope your weekend is super, and I'll talk to you later.


PS Wait. If you've been around D-land for awhile, do you remember Perceptions, aka Bobby Burgess? I was just thinking about him today; specifically I was thinking about when he bought a whole bunch of stickers that said "For Vaginal Use Only" and went around sticking them on things. I googled "Bobby Diaryland" and the first result was his new journal, so I've been catching up. I still like that kid.



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