the empty pants


This morning I looked out the front window and saw some sort of fabric thing lying on the sidewalk, directly in front of the house. When I went out to feed the kittens, I picked the fabric object up, and it's a pair of women's pajama pants. I find that more than a little creepy. I've brought them in and will wash them and give them to the Goodwill -- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

The results of yesterday's election are in, and good news! The proposed law enforcement tax passed, which means the city will be hiring new police officers in January, which means Francisco's upcoming Eburg oral board interview (next Tuesday) will not be an exercise in futility, like the last one was. He's got way more experience this time around, so I think he's got a decent shot at being hired with the city. HOPE HOPE HOPE HOPE. Also, Known Crazy Person got 18% of the vote for the position for which he was running. I'm surprised it was so much, but probably the people who voted for him are unaware of his craziness and just liked his name.

In other good news, Liverpool beat Besiktas yesterday 8 - 0. Besiktas didn't play very well, but Liverpool played fantastically! If they start playing like that in Premiere League games, they'll shoot to the top of the table in no time. I saved the game for Francisco so he could see our team playing well for a change. While watching the game I found out I was Dead Wrong about when Liverpool's new stadium will open. I thought it was next year, but the construction has only just started, and the stadium is projected to be finished in August of 2011. This means we don't have to rush over to England to see Liverpool play this spring, which we had planned to do, since we are very keen (verging on desperate) to see them play at Anfield stadium. We may still go, and Francisco has asked for time off in March at his jail job for the England trip, but if he gets the police job, there would be little to no chance of getting vacation time for months and months. I was sad at the thought of that [see also: desperate to get to Anfield before it's torn down], so I am now quite relieved. Elizabeth, thank you for reading this; you a nice lady.

Photo of the Day: Alex. I've been thinking for awhile about getting Liverpool's crest as a tattoo, but mine would be much, much smaller. I want to get it on the inside of my left wrist, but I'm not sure how that would go over at work.

Last night I didn't do as much as I thought I might. I did make another ornament for the exchange, but aside from that, there was much laziness and watching of soccer. At one point, I passed the living room computer with Sharky's Myspace page open on it (he absolutely LIVES on that site, let me tell you) and paused to read his "status". I figure if he leaves his page up all over the house, I can at least read his status, by golly. And it said something like "Going to Tolo!". My high school didn't have a Tolo, but I know what it is, so I told him I wasn't trying to pry, but since he left his page up I saw that he's going to this Tolo thing. He got all embarrassed-pleased looking and said "Pryer!" I asked who with and he told me "a girl". I said "come ON" and he told me her name. I asked him when it is and it's a week from Saturday. I asked if there is anything he'll need for it and he said he didn't know but would find out. When I questioned my coworker who has teenage daughters about what he might need, she said a suit and some kind of corsage for the girl. Shark doesn't own a suit, so I guess we need to get him one this weekend. I swear, if I hadn't seen it on his Myspace, that boy wouldn't have even told us about this Tolo business until maybe next Friday. He would then have said something like, "Oh, I forgot to tell you, but I need a suit for tomorrow". Francisco will need to take him suit shopping on Saturday morning; hopefully he doesn't have other plans.

Arrgh, the Universe is messing with me, and I don't mean messing. I wrote the above this morning and I've been home for lunch since then, and on my way home a car driven by one of Sharky's friends passed me. I didn't think too much of it but when I was home, making a sandwich, the phone rang. It was the Shark who said he'd just seen me (and he thought I saw him), because he was in his friend's car. He wanted me to know he wasn't skipping school--they had a half day and were going to get ice cream. But the thing is, I'd just told my coworker half an hour before that I hate the idea of him riding around with friends, since teenagers can be such irresponsible drivers. The Universe was obviously listening and wanted to give me more practice in letting go. And I can't help but wonder, is this what the rest of his adolescence is going to be like? Is there going to be some new thing every single day for me to have to deal with, actively or passively? I should probably start taking vitamins.

Have I told you how completely obsessed I am with Changing Rooms? That show has become my most favorite favorite show right now. I Tivo at least one episode every night, and watch it in the morning while drinking coffee and cuddling up with Esther. It is light years better than stupid Trading Spaces, and you can tell them I said so.

For dinner I'm picking up a frozen pizza on my way home (just cheese) and will embellish it with artichoke hearts and with sundried tomatoes, but those on only part (Shark does not like). I will also get lettuce and will make a salad, for warding off guilt purposes. The last time I got a frozen pizza (couple weeks ago I think), I accidentally baked it with the cardboard on the bottom of it and was then like THIS. PIZZA. IS. IMPOSSIBLE. TO. CUT!! I will not make the same mistake tonight.

A quick note on Diaryland banners: I give up. I have a whole wad of unused banners, but I can't seem to make one people will click on, so what's the point? I have decided to just use them up by putting silly things on them and not caring if anyone clicks. I wouldn't even bother except it's sort of fun to make them, and technically they're some of what I'm paying for with the gold membership shimmysham. I just like to get my money's worth.




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