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I went to bed pretty early last night and fell asleep quickly, and then my cats ruined everything. Lucy started bugging me at around 11:00--she was pawing me and walking on me and just generally being the world's biggest nudge. I had to get up to pee at 2:00-ish, and by then I'd figured out they were probably out of food, hence the bugging, but I knew if I refilled their food dish in the middle of the effing night, I'd be setting a dangerous precedent, so I didn't. Esther started in with me too, after that, but I managed to ignore the both of them until 5:30; at that point I gave up and got out of bed. I went straight to their damn food dish and found that Esther had barfed in it at some point--I know it was her because I've seen her do that a number of times and never seen Lucy do it. I refilled the dish, neither of them ate any food right away, which vexed me almost beyond my limit. I told them, "You disturbed my sleep all night long, so you better eat some of that food you Assholes!" They just looked at me so I ignored them and made coffee and calmed down and then watched The Office and Changing Rooms, after which I felt really quite human. I'm over the trauma now, but I still wish I'd slept better because I have to do a presentation this afternoon and I'd be happier if I was at the top of my game.

For the past week or so I've been noticing pennies on the ground pretty often when I'm out walking. I haven't been picking them up, but yesterday morning I saw a dime and stopped to get it. I said, out loud, with the dime in my hand, "Okay, I'm going to start picking up all the money I see. Send it my way, Universe". I was, at that point, 3 blocks from my office, and by the time I'd gotten to my office, I'd found another dime and a penny. I'm going to record my daily amount of found money in my diary--I will report my totals the following day. For instance, yesterday I didn't find any other money, so my total from yesterday is still 21 cents. I'm looking forward to this picking up money project, because who KNOWS how much money the Universe might send me?? The sky's the limit.

Francisco is finished with sleepaway police this afternoon and anticipates being home by about 5:00; obviously I am extremely happy and relieved about that. It's weird, though, because I got used to him not being home and can't remember what our life was like when he was home during the week. I'm sure it'll come back to me. Tonight I'm making salmon cakes, mashed potatoes, and salad for dinner, and I'm also pretty sure we'll have us some cocktails or wine. I've been eschewing any alcohol during the week while he's been gone (even my beloved daily glass of red wine) because I felt it would've been all too easy to overdrink, especially with the recent Sharky aggravation.

Tomorrow morning Francisco has to take the Shark clothes shopping. It's possible he might not need a whole suit for the Tolo* (per someone else I talked to) and instead would just need slacks, a shirt and tie, but he doesn't have those things either so shopping still needs to be done. Tomorrow night my coworker, Cookie, is having her big birthday party at the Moose Lodge (!) and Francisco and I are going to that. It sounds like it's going to be a Very fun time; I can hardly wait.

Sunday night Francisco goes back to work (still graveyard shift, through the end of the month) and I don't know what we'll do that day, but something. Monday is a holiday for me and Shark but not for Francisco, and our activities that day will be quiet ones, so Francisco can sleep.

Update on my outdoor kittens: My favorite and second favorite kittens are showing a lot of interest in me, and they have both rolled on the ground in front of me, though I still haven't touched either of them. This morning they were sitting outside the house, staring at the kitchen window; after I saw them, I went out and fed them. A couple minutes later my second favorite was back and staring at the kitchen window. Why? She/he had food to eat, right? I went out there but she/he wouldn't come over to me. Apparently she/he is content to just stare at me through the window, like some lovesick stalker, and, you know. I'm flattered. I'm starting to get nervous that I won't be able to tame them quickly enough to catch them and get them homes, since we'll be moving. I only have until the end of December (we're renting our current house through December) and I HOPE that'll be long enough.

I could probably write more but I want to post this so I can get a couple more things done before my desk shift. Right after that I go to do the presentation, and right after that I'm leaving for home. Have a great weekend!


* This is, by the way, a dance/formal event where the girls invite the boys and the girls pay for everything. This is my kind of event, what with only having a son and all. I also like weddings.



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