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Oh man, on a scale of one to ten, how glad am I it's Friday? 10.5, that's how glad. I mean, TDIF, people!

This weekend I plan to:

1) Take down and pack away the xmas decorations (yeah, I know we're late taking them down, but several people I love are also taking their decorations down this weekend, so we're in good company).

2) My regular laundry, bathroom, sheet changing chores.

3) Read the video camera manual and play with the camera.

4) Organize my projects, for they are legion and too spread around the house for my liking.

5) Start writing the script for MY FIRST MOVIE, which will be geared to a specific audience (people in my line of work), because I had the idea for a funny "day in the life of" film yesterday (which I will star in, of Course), and my boss says if I make the movie, he'll see if he can get someone at one of the upcoming conferences to show it. He's a big man in this line of work, so that's promising. I have already started the storyboards! They are amateurish and lame, but I don't care.

6) Sunday evening, make tamales. I gave our [and by "our" I mean Francisco's sister's mother-in-law's] tamale recipe to a friend a couple days ago, and I started thinking, Daaaamn, those are good. They're not that difficult (a little time-consuming, but pretty easy) so I'ma make those bad boys.

I also have several knitting projects that need my attention, so all in all, it'll be a full weekend.

Speaking of knitting, remember how I taught Francisco's mother to knit when she came out for xmas in 2003? Well, she's been making lots of scarves lately and I was pleased she was enjoying the knitting, so as one of her gifts we got her some nice yarn and needles and a pattern for a simple hat--she seemed to like this gift a lot, so yay us! HOWEVER. I observed her knitting while we were in Seattle last week, and SHE IS DOING IT WRONG. I mean, she's not doing it Entirely wrong, but for some reason she's not using the normal knit stitch I taught her; she is instead doing a twisted knit stitch, which produces similar results but not exactly. I toyed with the idea of asking her where she learned the twisted knit stitch, but because I knew she would not only assert but inSIST it was me who taught it to her, I let it go. Eventually, if she knits in the presence of other knitters, someone's going to mention she's doing the twisted knit stitch, and she's going to blame it on me and say I taught her that way, but I will leap, screaming, from that bridge when it gets to me. Or something.

A new person starting working in our office on Tuesday, to replace someone who left back in October or so, and I have gone from Meh on this woman to a vague but persistent dislike. It would take way too long (and be way too boring) for me to go into the reasons for my dislike, but suffice it to say that when I found out she drives a BMW, I started thinking of her as 'BMW Barbie'. It should be noted the way she looks has nothing to do with why I don't like her, but her looks are convenient when inventing secret snarky nicknames for her.

I forgot to mention it before now, but a couple of days before we flew to the other coast, Lucy was startled by something when she was upstairs, and she ran down the steps into the bedroom where I was, and under the bed. I heard chewing noises so I looked under there, and it took me a minute to figure out what was going on. She was chewing and swallowing something orange, and I could see that the orange thing trailed off toward the doorway of the bedroom--it was embroidery floss. I grabbed it and started gently pulling it out of her mouth, and that shit just kept coming until I had pulled out a good 4 feet of it. Let me tell you, that gave me a major case of The Shivers, because if she had continued her chewing and swallowing without being interrupted and had swallowed all of what she had, she would surely have died. The stuff would've gotten wound up in her intestines and she probably wouldn't have shown any symptoms of distress until after we were gone, and the cat sitters probably wouldn't have noticed for awhile either, since some cats tend to hide when their people are gone. The embroidery floss was, by the way, in the Boy's room, left over from the time I tried to teach him to make friendship bracelets. The remaining floss has been confiscated from his room, because that whole thing gave me quite a scare. I love cats, and they're pretty smart, but why they like to swallow string/ribbon/etc is beyond me.

I just read something about stiletto heels, and it contained the following statements:

"Stilettos also make a woman seem quite delicate because you have to balance (in the shoes). She might need a man's hand,"

"Women also get height, which makes them feel powerful."

Umm. What? A woman has to clutch onto a man because she can't balance in her shoes, but the height makes her feel Powerful? I have news for these women--if you're wearing shoes you can't run in, should the need arise, you have NO power, no matter how tall they make you. Can you tell I'm not a fan of stilettos? I admit they're pretty and all, but you will never catch me wearing them, and that's a promise from me to you.

I better get back to work; I have a lot to do.

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