wait; is it Jesusi?


Since yesterday, I've developed a fascination with two things: 1) Maori Hakas and 2) Nativity scene Baby Jesuses. Not the whole nativity scene, you understand; just the Baby Jesuses. After we went to the gym this morning, I scoured eBay for Baby Jesuses and bid on one. They have to be a certain kind of Baby Jesus to attract me--they can't be attached to a manger (some Baby Jesuses have the manger as part of the figurine), they have to have halos, they can't be shiny, and they can't be made of chalk (a surprising number of nativity scenes are chalk-based). Oh, and also? They can't cost very much. I want to acquire a whole collection of them, over time, and keep them in a bowl in the living room. I figure visitors to our house will ask what they are (bemusedly) at which time I can say something like, "Well, duh, it's a crapload of Baby Jesuses." If I manage to find a largeish (3-4 inches), sturdy Baby Jesus, I might make a belt buckle out of it. True story. ["What is THAT?" "It's the Baby Jesus--show some freaking respect!"]

The Maori Hakas are something else entirely. As I understand it, there are many different Hakas, but there's one main one [Ka Mate] that gets performed all the time, and it's very cool, but I'd like to see others as well. This may necessitate a visit to New Zealand, which would be fantastic because I want to go there anyway. Road, er, plane trip!

The phrase all over the news this morning in relation to weather was "relentless". Snow was relentless, rain was relentless, Mother Nature was relentless, yadda yadda, blah. And I don't think "relentless" is being used correctly in this case, because isn't there a decision-making process involved in relenting? I doubt the snow is going to think better of all that falling it's doing, and relent. Another annoying word we heard (and I find this word annoying ALL the time) is "literally". As in, "It's rained so much here the road has literally become a river." I'll be going on a killing spree very soon, mark my words. Oh man, but did you see the footage of the man rescued from floodwaters in the LA area? The guy who had his pants and underwear stripped from him by the force of the water? Because that was a little funny. [if you didn't see it, the man is totally fine, which is why his pantslessness was funny. obviously if he'd been injured or killed, not so much with the funny]

I think I should warn you I'm getting pretty strong. We went to the gym this morning, and on everything but the shoulder press (ouch, that machine Kills) I'm lifting 80 pounds. Oh, and also except for the squat machine--I do 120 on that, because my legs, they are, how you say...the tree trunks?

This weekend I got a lot done, but not everything on my list (which expanded greatly on Saturday morning). The unaccomplished things will become part of next weekend's list. It happens.

Francisco is making black bean soup for dinner, this kind that gets pureed, and he's doing this because the fabulous hand blender his sister gave him for Xmas arrived today (we'd mailed it home due to an overly full suitcase)--we's a'celebratin! We've made this soup many times before, but it's such a pain to puree it in the blender at the end--the hand blender thingy will greatly facilitate things.

Oh, and speaking of things that got mailed home, that BB gun Boy's mom stole for him got mailed home and arrived on Saturday. On Saturday evening I returned home from the library to find Francisco and Boy on the back deck, shooting at cans they'd placed in the yard. A little while later they abandoned that pursuit in favor of shooting at each other with their aerosoft (sp?) guns (which shoot plastic BBs)--they put on several layers of clothing and eye protection first. It occurs to me we might qualify as rednecks, except we made tamales on Sunday, and I'm not sure that's a rednecky food. Boy's friend, Tony, who was over and stayed for dinner, is a redneck and he didn't like the tamales. He ate them but said, "Don't you people know how to make American food?" Apparently the last time he had dinner with us, we made falafel--he remembered it as "some kinda bean balls".

Work did not suck that much today; how odd. I go home now.

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