I see you're drinking 1%. Is that because you think you're fat? Because you're not; you could be drinking whole if you wanted


LOOK AT THIS PIECE OF BEAUTY! I've watched it, like, ten times today already and I just Love that little man.

I slept last night! Not perfectly, because I woke up just before 4:00 and laid awake for a little while, but at least I fell asleep at a somewhat normal hour. We went to the gym this morning for the first time in forever, and it was fabulous; I love our gym. Francisco came up with the perfect nickname for one of the previously unnamed regulars (I had been calling him Soccer Hooligan in my mind)--The Kosmonaut. If I had a picture of the guy and posted it, you would immediately see why that name is so good. Anyway, it was a good morning at the gym.

Our niece, the fabulous Baby Lou, was given a child's keyboard by her grandparents, and I will admit at first I found it a little annoying. But then I played with it a little, and oh my mom, I Want one! I told both Lou's dad and Francisco that I want a keyboard like that, and they each told me I should get a Real keyboard, and right, I can see that point, but would a Real keyboard have that dog barking sound? Or the frog croaking? Or that shitty attached microphone? I think not. I tried to find a keyboard like Lou's on the web to refer you to and couldn't, but it's a little bit like this one. I need to go shopping! I keep picturing myself playing that crazy keyboard at an open mic night somewhere, and while I am in love with that idea, I figure I'll have to get a lot braver before any such thing could occur.

Something that was really great for us while we were out west was that everyone we stayed with had a cat, and all those cats were really sweet. Being away from Lucy and Esther is easier when I can pet Other people's cats. Lots of love to Clara, Murray, and Annie!

I totally wussed out yesterday with that baby cold medicine thing. I didn't want to get hate mails about it, so I didn't say what I really thought, which is that I would Totally dope a baby up with cold meds before getting on a plane, if I thought the baby was going to scream the whole time otherwise. So if you want to hate mail me, go ahead and hate mail about unnecessary meds and all that. I mean, I take Nyquil when I have a bad cold, and I don't really Need it, in the sense that I will die without it, but I take it anyway because it makes me sleep better and etc. If a person gave a baby a sleepy-making cold medicine to cause it to fall asleep on a plane instead of being miserable and screaming the whole time, is that much different? Uck, I can practically Taste the hate mails and anonymous flaming guestbook signings. But bring it on, mitches, and kudos to Catie and Kim and Atomic for showing me I need to grow a pair. So to speak.

Something I would really like to do is have my own web-streaming radio station, which I know is doable, but which I have never mentioned to Francisco because I already have too many irons in the fire as it is. When we move, if I am unable to fulfill my desire to be a radio dj, I think I'm going to have to go to Plan B, which would be the streaming radio. By then I will have whittled my projects down a bit. Oh, speaking of projects, our digital video camera works really great, but we found out the footage from it takes up a LOT of memory. We definitely need to get that external drive; possibly one that's larger than 160 GB. Or we could just get the 160 GB plus a dvd burner so we could save our films in dvd form instead of on the computer. That's probably what we'll do, and we wanted the dvd burner anyway so we could make copies of our films for family and friends and anyone else who wants them. I'm going to read through the camera manual this weekend so I can find out everything the camera has to offer; so far I've just learned the basics. Before we start making films for real, I think we'll also need to get a tripod, because something I learned over our vacation is I don't have the steadiest hands.

We watched Lost last night and I enjoyed it right up to the end where Charlie got religion and then I was annoyed. Next week's episode looks good, though--woo! That show is really rolling now; me likey.

That's all I've got for now.

PS Today my phone rang and when I looked at the caller id thingy, I saw it was not a call transferred in-office; it was someone calling from another state. I thought it was probably someone I love, so when I picked up the phone I said, "Ringa ding ding [a la Leslie Hall, who I love]; This is Eva!". And of Course it was some parent who had gotten my direct line sometime in the past. So much for professionalism! |


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