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I've been in an uncharacteristically serious frame of mind this week and though I have been thinking about lots of things, I am reluctant to share these things with the internet at large because 1) they are probably not interesting to anyone but me and 2) it would take me a long time to write them out and I don't feel like it. Instead I would like to tell you about the restaurant I have been fantasizing about owning, for quite awhile now. This restaurant would serve only the most delicious food; all delicious, all the time. And I'm sure all restaurants strive for that, except in my restaurant it would be extra-important for things to be consistently very delicious, because we would only have two menu choices at any one time--regular and vegetarian. It would greatly simplify things, I think, to have only two choices, and the reason I like this idea is because I think if we were only making two things, we could make them really well. The restaurant would be called The Take It or Leave It Cafe. We'd have the day's menu on a chalkboard thingy out front, on a voice mail system (people could call and see if they wanted what we were serving that day), and on the cafe's website. If someone wanted to eat one of the two things we had, they would be getting an excellent meal, including ho-made pie. If they didn't, they could go somewhere else (obviously this is where the take it or leave it concept comes in). Francisco and I have talked about the cafe idea and he thinks we should have a set menu Monday through Thursday, so that people could count on getting, say, meatloaf on Tuesday, if that's what they were in the mood for. Fridays would be Wildcard Nights, where we would make whatever we felt like (and probably spicier things than the rest of the week). Saturday nights would be Movie Night (part of the restaurant would, ideally, be separate from the rest of it, and we would line up the tables in that section so they faced a wall, and we'd project a movie onto there), and on Sundays we'd be open only 9-3, for brunch. Brunch wouldn't always be the same thing every week, but probably there would be a brunch menu rotation so it would be the same every 3rd week or so. We'd have a full bar and an outside part of the cafe for smokers, complete with those heater things so people wouldn't be cold. Built into the meal would be the main thing, of course, but also appetizers and salad and the pie--it would be like "prix fixe" menu, except not nearly as expensive as most meals associated with that phrase. I would like the restaurant to be a place people could feel like sitting around at for awhile, instead of being rushed out because someone else wants the table, and I would want it to be decorated a little bizarrely but not crazy enough to scare people away. I have so, so many ideas for the place, and I could ramble on and on about it here, but I need to go home, so I'll stop talking about it for now.

Btw, work is really heating up, and I seem to have many more files already than any of my coworkers, so I don't have as much time to mess around at work, including writing diary entries, but I'll be doing my best.

Love and kisses,
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