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I forgot to say that yesterday when Francisco and I had just started our lunchtime walk, I found a doll leg in the street. It was a yellow leg with a blue shoe, so maybe it came from a Lisa Simpson doll? Don't know. The leg was cracked from being run over, but I carried it for a minute or so until we got to a corner and then I propped it up on top of the "push button for walk signal" control box. On our return trip when we were almost back at the office, I found a yellow doll arm in the street (hadn't noticed it before) and I kept it. I washed it off and put it on my office windowsill with all my other weird junk. I really love finding things.

Remember how I made a big deal about what little garment I was going to take to the salon and yadda yadda blahdeblah, I'll take a little hat? This morning when I left the house I completely forgot the little hat I'd planned to take, so all that big deal was for naught. Salon Dennis wasn't there today (he's the main appreciator of the little garments) so it was fine that I forgot, and I'm glad I didn't try to make a quick stop at Toys R Us for a Barbie coat or something. My haircut looks good (same style, significantly shorter) but she put a defrizzing type product on there that stinks so bad. As I said to Max earlier, it smells like a cross between Opium perfume and Miracle Whip. I Hate Opium perfume. HATE. I know it's dumb, but I'm going to have to wash my hair when I get home, because if I don't, the stink will wake me up while I'm trying to sleep, and I'm already having enough trouble sleeping.

I'm tired and a little cranky and no matter how hard I try to think of something else to tell you, Interweb, I've got nothing. We'll talk again tomorrow.

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