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Last night Esther was being her normal cute self--I don't think it's possible for her to Not be totally Adorable--and I had a sudden flashback to when I was reading the classified ads and came across the one advertising Esther and Lucy as FREE KITTENS. It was in 1993, and I remember it as clearly as if it were yesterday....*exaggerated chin stroking, tinkly flashback music*..what? Oh, sorry. I was waiting for reality to go all squiggly and everything. Anyway, yeah, I found them through a classified ad, and when I remembered that last night, I just thought it was so unbelievable we got them for FREE. Because these cats (even Lucy, the nudge) are amazing--how could they have been free?? Incomprehensible. I called my mom last night and told her the cats had been free, and she was all, "Uh huh? So?" "No, they were Free!" "Riiight. And?" What IS my point? I don't know; I just think it's crazy we got these priceless cats for nothing.

As long as I'm already talking about them, I might as well tell you how much Esther has been hating her inhaler. We haven't used it very often, but this week she's been coughing more so we've probably gassed her (our term for it) 3 days out of the past 6 or 7. She'd been fighting it every time--once or twice with so much strength I had a hard time holding her--but this morning when we gassed her she barely fought. I'm wondering if she's just gotten used to it or if she has begun to recognize that it helps her feel better, because the vet told us most cats seemed to eventually realize there is a connection between the inhaler and them breathing better. Who knows; I'm just glad she didn't freak out this morning like she has been. She is Such a sweet cat; she forgives us immediately for the inhaler and any other unpleasant thing we need to do. Lucy, on the other hand; hoo-boy, that cat can hold a Grudge.

You know, I think that's all I've got today. Cats, and cats. Work's got me too busy to think of anything clever, yo.

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