The situation that's been bothering me is entirely resolved, thanks to Francisco and some insights he shared with me yesterday morning. Or rather, the situation is the same, but my feelings about it are completely different, so it's not a problem anymore. I don't want to go into it, but I feel so relieved now, and my relief has buoyed me so that I have been in a very good mood. I also went to the gym and kicked ass this morning and yesterday morning (my own ass), which always makes me feel better, though all my muscles are quite sore and I'm limping a bit. I have to keep going to the gym now that I've started back, because otherwise the inertia will set in again, and it's so hard to overcome. Anyway, I don't think I'll need to talk about any mysterious conflict situations in the future, because I don't believe I will be affected by anything that happens with this now. See also: Impervious.

Liverpool knocked Barcelona out of the UEFA tournament with Tuesday's game [I knew you were wondering about the results]. The UEFA wins are scored weirdly--they're based on goal differential (sets of teams play twice and whoever ends up with the most total goals advances, and also somehow goals scored "away" count more than goals scored at home; it's complicated and I don't really understand it), so even though Barcelona scored one goal in the game and Liverpool scored zero, Liverpool advances because they scored two goals at Barcelona's stadium during the first game. I like Barcelona, so I'm sorry they're knocked out, but of course I like Liverpool better. My super secret boyfriend, Sami, didn't play, but I didn't expect him to (though it still hurts my feelings, as Baby Catie would say), as he isn't quick enough anymore to go up against players like Ronaldinho or Messi. Sami's 33 now, I think, and he was never real pacey to begin with. *sigh*

Did anyone read past the previous paragraph? *sigh*

It's warming up here; highs have been in the 50s all week so far, which is a nice change from last week when we had snow flurries almost every day. I like this new climate, but I'm itching to start planting stuff (in pots) and I'm going to have to wait until May to do that. I've been told tomatoes are out of the question, due to the short growing season, so I'll see if I can grow some basil but will otherwise stick to flowers. When we have our own house again, it would be super if we could knock together some kinda greenhouse structure to extend the tomato growing season, because I really really love homegrown tomatoes.

Earlier this week, an 86 year old woman was hit by a semi here in town (on the street my office building is located on, actually), but not only was she not killed, she is in stable condition in a hospital in Seattle. It's hard to imagine anyone surviving being hit by a semi, let alone someone of so advanced an age. If I were her, I'd make (or have made) some t-shirts that said things like INVINCIBLE and There Can Be Only One. I might even call a press conference to announce my immortality; one never knows. I hope she's prepared to make lemonade from the lemons she was handed, the poor thing.

Yesterday afternoon my coworker Nathan invited me over to watch the Borat movie that night with him and a couple of his friends (both of whom I've met), and it sounded like fun, even though I didn't think I'd end up going, so I told him to call me when they were ready to start watching. I didn't get a call but I had a text message this morning that said they'd just started the movie; the text was sent after I'd been in bed 15 minutes already. Ah youth. Their hours are just too late for me.

And speaking of time, I'm out of it. Talk to you later!




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