impending goggleage


Today when I went home for lunch, there was a package from my mom waiting for me, and in it were panties very similar to the Fruit of the Loom string bikini kind I can't find anywhere. And the right size too--yay! My mom is way too good to me. In other news of new things, our friends who visited yesterday gave us a Senseo coffee machine, which does make good coffee though we now have to be slaves to those crazy coffee pods. Hopefully the Bi-Mart will have them for cheap. Also new to me, but not yet in my possession, are the military surplus wind and dust protection goggles I ordered from the internet yesterday after the wind whipped dirt under my contact lenses a number of times, even when I was in the house (with windows open). I decided I didn't care how crazy goggles will make me look; I am actually AFRAID to go outside when the wind is blowing, and this desperate time is calling for a desperate measure. I found out the goggles are coming from Seattle, so I might have them as soon as tomorrow *fingers crossed*. The last things new to me are the 3 shirts I bought from the thrift store on Saturday. I'm wearing one today--the one that could be machine washed and dried. The other 2 are waiting for the next delicate wash. I really like buying clothes from thrift stores; it's much more of a challenge than buying them from a regular store, and it's just the kind of meaningless challenge I enjoy [Sudoku, I'm looking at you].

Francisco and I went to our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner on Friday night while Sharky's soccer team was losing horrendously in Wenatchee. They lost 13 - 0, and the varsity lost 6 - 0, then their bus broke down and they didn't get back to town until almost 11:30. They all survived the ordeal. On Saturday Francisco and I did a bit of organizing and cleaning, but we both felt kind of lackluster, so we didn't get as much done as we'd planned, however we finished the rest yesterday morning. As part of the reorganizing, I revamped my To-Do list, which had been languishing for a few weeks, and I feel back on track with the things I want to do now. It's more than a little pitiful to be so list-driven, to the point where I feel lost without one, but I just have to go with what works.

We got up early and went to the gym this morning. Since the weather is so much warmer, we walked to the gym, and lifted weights there before walking back home. It was nice but tomorrow morning I plan to do a lot more sweating than that. I'm feeling so comfortable at our gym lately, like everyone there is my friend or something; I don't know why this is. But actually, I'm feeling very comfortable with strangers in general nowadays, for whatever reason. I keep getting into conversations with people I don't know (short conversations, mind), and that's not like me, but I'm getting less like me all the time. It's a Good Thing.

This appears to be all I have to talk about today.




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