"that's God's truth"


Francisco and I watched an episode of Cops yesterday (shocker) that I have to quote from, because the cop in question surprised me with his funniness. He saw a truck stopped in an area known for prostitution activities, so he investigated, and in the truck was a clothed woman and a man with his pants down. He had the man pull up his pants, and then he took him a little ways from the truck and questioned him. The man readily admitted he had paid the woman for a blowjob. When the woman was questioned, she of course denied that claim, insisting they had only been talking, "and that's God's truth". After a few times of her saying they had only been talking, the cop said, "Were you whispering into his lap?" BOOM!! Good one, officer. A lot of funny things happen on Cops, but that kind of individual humor is rare.

Yesterday when I was telling you about the travel trailer plan, I forgot to add the codicil that if the Universe makes it possible for us to buy the church that's for sale a few blocks away, that would be terrific. Did I talk about the church before? It's actually a church and parsonage for sale with a total of 18,000 square feet between the two. Unfortunately the price tag of $455,000 is out of our reach (though more than reasonable for the square footage), but if something occurred to put it in our reach, I would purely love living in that church. Or alternatively we could enact that wedding chapel plan we had awhile back, but it would be easier to do that if Francisco had already been hired as Police. Meh, it's not going to happen, this church thing, but it's nice to dream. There's another building I've been eyeing for months that just went up for sale in town, but it's pretty large and I bet the asking price is a million, so I'm not even thinking about that building. It's this one, actually, most of which you can't see:

snake pole

I don't know the price on that one because it's being sold by the owner, but it's 3 stories and looks pretty interesting from the outside. For me the main attraction is the room with the big window I can see into on the third floor, because it has one of those dentist lights in it--you know the ones, on a big swively arm thing? Love those.

This has been a hard day so far, and I'm not sure it's going to get any better. My stomach feels like a stone and I wish I was in bed. This is related to the situation I mentioned yesterday, by the way. I figure eventually I'll acclimate to this change, but in the meantime, it's causing me a fair amount of pain.

I am, however, going home for lunch, to see Francisco and to watch as much as possible of the Liverpool/Barcelona game which is being played right this minute. C'mon Reds!




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