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Guess how many times Esther coughed last night; go on, guess. If you guessed 7, you were wrong. She coughed zero times, which is great but puzzling, considering she spent all day yesterday wheezing like the asthmatic cat she is. I had the gassing device on my bedside table, ready to go, but instead I got nearly 8 hours of blissful sleep, which I absolutely needed. So who knows at this point? I'm just glad she's feeling better. And yes, I know I talk a lot about Esther, but I swear if you met her you'd understand why I consider her the greatest cat in the history of great cats. I have it on good authority that she's sleeping on my pillow at this very moment, which means I'll have to de-fur it later, but I choose to believe she's sleeping there because it smells like my head, and that's sweet.

Yesterday someone I used to work with emailed to invite me to join her newly-formed book club. I had it in mind to say no thanks, but she told me a little about her friends with whom she's starting this club, and they sound really cool. And then I remembered how I sometimes lament having so few in-person friends and thought maybe the Universe (who I'm still mad at, just so we're clear) was giving me a bit of a smack on the back of the head with the invitation, so I accepted it. I'm kind of excited about it, really, because it's only a once a month thing, and based on what she told me about her friends I figure we'll read good books, and also my friend indicated to me that we'd be talking about the books in Addition to having wine and talking about our celebrity crushes, so it'll probably be really fun. I should get a photo of George Galloway to frame and take to meetings so we could take turns kissing it.

The song of the day is Nouvelle Vague's cover of 'Guns of Brixton' on This Week's Finds (scroll about halfway down the page). That site Always has good music; I recommend it highly.

I posted this to the AT forum board today, and they were totally meh about it, but come ON, how is a squirrel dressed as the Pope not funny?? Or as Darth Vader? Or as a soldier? No one can tell me that shit's not funny. No one! Unless....Wait. Am I retarded? It seems unlikely at this point, but who knows. Those pictures made me laugh until my stomach hurt, is all I can tell you.

That's it for today. I accidentally deleted all my spam, forgetting that I instituted that totally lame Spam of the Day thing, so you'll have to wait until tomorrow for more lameitude.

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