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LOOK AT THE NEW LAYOUT CATIE MADE! Catie is the layout master, and she always surprises me. Saturday I pulled up my diary because I wanted to check the guestbook, and ta-da! There it was, and as usual when surprised with a new layout, I just kind of *blank stared* at it for a couple of seconds until my brain caught up with things. Then I laughed for awhile because it's fun to be surprised. Catie is the BEST!

The song of the day is one I've talked about before; Malcolm Middleton's A Happy Medium. I urge you to go listen to/download it, and just so you know, 3hive is the home of mp3s that are free through the generosity of the musicians, so you won't be stealing the song if you want to download it, which you totally should because it's great. But don't go download it just yet, because I've got more to say, and OH is it exciting.

One thing I want to tell you is Esther's at it again with the persistent coughing. She coughed all Friday night, and we gassed her as often as was appropriate, but it didn't seem to help. On Saturday morning I made Francisco call the vet and explain the situation, and the vet thought we should probably put her through another round of antibiotics, but a different one this time that has fewer gastrointestinal side effects. Francisco went and picked up the prescription and we started her on it right away. It's only one pill per day, and within mere hours of getting the first pill, Esther's breathing had improved dramatically. She only coughed twice on Saturday night and only once last night (not until 5:20 this morning), but since the coughing this morning, she's been coughing practically nonstop. What happened to you, Universe?? You used to be cool, but now you're just capricious and mean. I thought Esther was on the mend, but apparently she's not, and we have no idea why. It is Very Frustrating. Francisco tried everything this morning to stop the coughing and then in desperation he took her outside, where she languished for awhile, cough-free, with Francisco as bodyguard so Princess didn't try to fight her. I just don't know anymore. If it's something inside the house making her cough, why did she get so much better for a couple days before getting worse again? I don't expect an answer here, though if somebody magically had one, I would be grateful.

Another thing I want to say is, lately I have been drawn to things that are not pretty, and I think this is my personal rebellion against the emphasis in our consumer culture on everything being beautiful all the time (Perfectionization™). The kinds of things I'm talking about are things like corningware casserole dishes (not hideous, but utilitarian), coveralls like mechanics wear, jars as drinking glasses, and lots of things I can't remember right now. I've also been tempted to buy things that are downright ugly, as a rebellion against Perfectionization, but I haven't done that yet. YET, I say.

This is pretty funny, or at least I think it is. When Sharky (Boy's name from now on until I change it) heard about the crying while eating films (he was upstairs while I was watching them) he got all excited to cry and eat while I film him, so he could be on that site. I think we'll have to make that happen.

Speaking of Sharky, on Saturday he said he wanted to go to Walmart with Francisco so he could buy a pocketwatch, and though we tried to talk him out of it, he stood firm, so we said okay. He came back with a shiny "gold" one that he LOVES. He keeps adjusting the chain and playing with it and announcing what time it is, and it's generally just pretty funny how much he loves that watch.

This weekend we did our normal chores and went to breakfast yesterday and went on a hike afterwards, and then last night we played Crazy 8s, and it was a good weekend but I wish I had accomplished more. I tend to be pretty lazy on weekends, and there's nothing wrong with that, per se, but then I remember I'm going to die someday and what the hell was I thinking when I spent 4 hours on the web yesterday when I could've been doing something more fulfilling?? I have a whole list of projects on my list; it's not as though I'm lacking for activities. I am ridiculous.

Spam of the day: From Abe Lanson: "It is you who prove the value of our Rolexes and cartiers." Well no kidding, Abe: I didn't spend all those years as an horologist for nothing! Although...how did he know about my previous career??! My cover is blown; abort, abort! Joyce, pack the valuables and call the Witness Protection Program, stat!

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