This afternoon I read something on the Please Send Vodka forum board that addressed a situation I'd wondered about before, in this entry. It was about umbilical cords and what happens to them when they fall off; specifically about dogs and whether they'd eat an umbilical cord or not. One of the forum members said her daughter's umbilical cord was eaten by one of her dogs when it fell off, and imagine, if you will, my excitement at reading that. It took more than four years, but finally I know that dogs Will eat umbilical cords if given the chance, and now I am at peace.

I have not seen the latest Star Wars movie, nor do I intend to, since I haven't seen the other two prequels and don't really feel the need for prequels; the first 3 movies were enough Star Wars for me. BUT, not having seen the most recent movie isn't keeping me from enjoying some websites that use Darth Vader's "NOOOOOOOO!" to bring laughter and joy to the masses. The first one I saw was this one. Nothing innovative, just the NOOOOOO, but still pleasing. Then I saw this one which I think is my favorite. Then there was this one, which I like because it combines the NOOOOO, with a scene from Office Space; a movie I love. The last site I've seen so far [y'all shouuld feel free to point me to others] is this one and I have a feeling this NOOOOOO thing could continue indefinitely. The sites all appear to be related, so I don't know whose mind the ideas are coming out of, but I hope they keep on a'coming.

The song of the day is I Do Dream You, by Jennifer Gentle. I'm not sure exactly why I like this song so much, but I do.

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Is this some kind of Hogwartsian spell? I wonder what would happen if I said it out loud. If it would painfully kill my boss, I would Definitely say it, because he's on my last nerve today. He is in the habit of requesting information I have to go out of my way to find, and then losing it, forcing me to find it all over again. I think he's under the impression he's so charming that one is forced to forgive him for being such a great galloping information-losing jackass, but he is sadly mistaken in thinking that. I was ready to set him on fire this morning for losing something I gave him two weeks ago and that he had made a huge deal about wanting in the first place, just in time to need it desperately for some report he's writing today. I made him wait a good long time for the replacement, and am not sorry.

Listen, I'm not going to go on a tangent about this, but I really need to point out that propaganda is being catapaulted. I am Eva's complete lack of surprise.

Today feels like a Friday, but it obviously isn't and I'm not taking tomorrow off, so this is a cruel joke my brain is playing on me. *weeping quietly* I've done a lot of work today but I still have more to get done, so I will bid you a fond farewell, interweb.


PS Thanks to those of you who write me nice notes. I would like to respond to your notes today but unfortunately I'm not sure I'll get the chance. Still, they are appreciated. |


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