I didn't know cats did that


This morning I went to pet Esther and give her some love, and she smelled like shit. I called Francisco in to smell her and he agreed on the shit smell and said she'd clean herself off and I shouldn't worry about it. Boy, who cleans the litter box, said there was a big smashed pile of poo in the box, so he surmised she'd rolled in it. What cat rolls in crap? She's never done that before. I was petting her and kissing her eyelids (as is my way, my rationale being that the eyelids are one of the only places on her body she can't lick after licking her ass) and asking her why she had rolled in shit, and then I had to ask myself why I was kissing a cat who had just rolled in shit. She's not the only dummy in the house, clearly. Before I left this morning I wiped her down with a wet rag, and when I left she was licking herself dry. Problem solved, and hopefully she won't do it again.

Norah Jones has a beautiful voice. She is highly talented and deserving of awards, but I am sad she got so many Grammys, because I think that much success at age 23 could really mess a person up. I always think this kind of thing about famous people I like--I feel sorry for them for being famous and/or acclaimed for their accomplishments. Am I a freak? I'm not sure. And, oh, just so you know, I didn't actually Watch the Grammys; they are too painful. I just heard about the winners this morning on CNN.

I am so bored at work I'm about to sneak my book out of the drawer and read it. I like being caught up, but it makes for boredom.

Didn't end up going to the bead thingy yesterday--too much inertia. I'll just order from firemountain and call it good. What I did instead was read, most of the day, but in the morning I went with Francisco to Costco to buy smoked salmon and tax software, and ended up with a digital camera as well. So those tattoo pictures should be forthcoming, as will a lot of others, once I get the hang of the thing. It's a cute little camera and takes nice pictures. Francisco's been fiddling with it and says it will also take a 15 second movie, but we need to read the directions and figure out how to do that. Welcome me to the 21st century! Took us long enough, but I did like our previous camera--too bad it died.

Also yesterday we went out to dinner, to our favorite pizza place. It's our favorite because, duh, they have really good pizza, but they also have my favorite beer on tap, so there you go. Once Boy's stomach was full of pizza he turned his attention to amusing us. His new thing is to imitate some guy from that Vitaball (the vitamin gumball I loathe for the very idea) commercial. He was saying, "Don't forget MY Vitaball!", repeatedly, and he's made real advances in mimicry, because he was getting the accent down just right, and even sort of talking out the side of his mouth. Just like the schmo on the commercial. And so the child becomes the smartass; the torch has been passed.

Last night Francisco was in the bathroom and he spoke to me through the door. He said, "See, I think this is why I never cared about having babies." I asked him if he was referring to all his toilet offspring, and he said, "Yes, my offspring. Why would I need babies when already I feel such fatherly pride?" I am telling you this just to reinforce my assertions of what a funny, icky man he is. I could not love him more and I'm glad he takes the time to amuse me with his ridiculous crap hyperbole.

This morning when my alarm went off I got right up. I didn't want to but my brain spoke to me (which is not really normal at 5:40). It said, "Get up right now or you'll talk yourself out of it." I got up. I put in my lenses and swallowed my pill and did yoga. I made my lunch and drank coffee and watched CNN, all before 7:00. I really need to do that kind of thing Every morning, because it's a pretty great start.

I just remembered that the Joe Millionaire follow-up thing is on tonight. I feel I Shouldn't watch it, on principle, but I know I will. I just want some damn closure--is that so much to ask? Are they going to date, or not? Tonight's thing better be the end of it, or I really Will quit watching.

That's about it--not feeling too inspired right now. Going to try sneaking my book.


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