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The Boy is much improved; thank you for all your sick-food suggestions and good wishes. I didn't realize how truly worried I was about him until he started getting better and showing spunk and being funny again (which happened yesterday), because it was like the sun came out from behind a cloud and I had forgotten there even Was a sun. So anyway, he's on the road again to health and I'm very relieved, and even a horrible, rainy, thunderstormy day can't put a damper on it. Actually there was a thunderstorm warning awhile ago and we had to take stuff out of our only interior closet (the "utility" closet in the kitchen, which is where we store miscellaneous crap) so that we could hide in there if need be. But the warning passed and no tornado for us. I need to go out today to get my Synthroid refill, but other than that I think we're staying in.

Yesterday Boy and I stayed in too, except for one trip out to a store so he could buy a toy gun he's had his eye on. I'm glad it takes so little to make him happy, but I never understand why the approximately One Grillion toy guns he already has aren't sufficient. At least they're cheap, and yesterday I was feeling pretty indulgent. What we did for most of the day was play Crash Team Racing, because there's a cheat on one of the levels that involves a secret passageway, and we wanted to get really good at using it so we could defeat Francisco with our mad skillz when he got home. Boy and I both have callused thumbs today, from all the Playstation, but, oh, it was worth it. Francisco went down like a sack of potatoes and demanded to be shown the secret passageway and how to get in. It was pretty satisfying.

Today and tomorrow there's a bead show extravaganza not too far from here, and I think I'll go to it. I have a thing that will get me in for $3, and I cannot resist the lure of all those beads. I'm particularly into the ones that are bone, carved into Asian designs--they're so pretty. Last week, actually, I got a black carved wood frog, and I need to figure out what to do with it. I was thinking of making a stretchy bracelet, but now I'm thinking maybe a short necklace. You see why I Need to go to the bead festival tomorrow.

I'm annoyed that the yarn I ordered a couple of weeks ago hasn't yet arrived. It was being shipped UPS (the only shipping option offered) and that was expensive so I chose the ground shipping, and it's still not here. I could've had it in 3 days for the same price if the yarn shop would get off their high horse and use regular mail. That's the last time I order from Them, the snooty bastards.

Today I've got a real yen to garden. My problem is that we probably won't be in this house for more than another year or so, and I don't want to put a ton of effort into establishing plants when I won't reap the benefits. The one big thing I Do want to plant is a fig tree, and I'll do that in Spring, but otherwise I'm just going with easy annuals and perennials. I wish I could live in the country and garden all day long, but how would that pay any money? I couldn't do it on a large enough scale to make adequate money, but I was thinking today that maybe I could be a caterer and use the produce I grew. It's all a pipe dream and I know it, but I'd sure like to live on a lot of land. Maybe I could keep goats and make cheese from their milk. Again, pipe dream. But other people have pipe dreams that pay, so maybe I'll eventually figure out how to swing it.

In the meantime, I am looking forward to receiving our first produce from the subscription farm. I think the first stuff arrives in April--it will be colder weather things, including lettuces. And, damn, I've got to find some way to prepare beets that doesn't make me retch, because we're going to get some in our subscriptions, and they gross me out. I have learned to like many things that I formerly hated--olives, cilantro, brussels sprouts--but beets have failed to grow on me. Not even pickled beets can be stomached--what's a girl to do? Maybe I can give them to the vegans.

I think I'll go make lunch now and kick someone's ass at CTR--I can hear them playing it without me.

Have a great weekend, and thanks again for everything!



PS Re: the tattoo pictures, I think I forgot to say that our camera gave up the ghost last month (the flash thing kind of exploded) so I need to get a new camera and then I can post pictures. The death of our camera is no doubt the Universe's way of suggesting we go digital, and I think I'm in agreement. |


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