at long last, some pictures


We've been playing with the digital camera (meaning, Francisco's been playing with it), and here is the first batch of pictures.

This is why I named myself Tattoobelly:

That crater is my bellybutton, and I have to say I think it wouldn't look that bad if I weren't trying so desperately to suck in my stomach. The sucking muscles distorted things a little. I hope.

This is my new tattoo, on the lower back:

I like having a picture of it to look at, since it's really hard to see your own lower back. I didn't realize I was so moley back there.

Here is Francisco's first tattoo, on his right pectoral region:

And here is his latest, on his upper left chest and arm:

I like both of his tattoos very much.

Lastly, here is the Boy, doing "Don't forget MY Vitaball!" I think he's in the middle of "ball" there.

I'll write a real entry later, but tell me; how much does Catie rock for this new layout?? A lot, that's how much. She didn't tell me she was changing it, so it was a great surprise for me this morning. If you like the layout (and, really, how could you not?) go give her the lovins in her guestbook. She is FABulous!


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