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I went to the library today during lunch [side note: I still cannot believe I didn't go to the library for all those months. The library is such a great place], and either in the library or during my walk back, my necklace fell off without my noticing it. When I realized it was gone, I was surprised at how little I cared. I'm not going to call the library or try to look for it outside, because I like the idea of someone finding it and wearing it themselves. I might check at the library when I go to turn my books in, to see if it's in their lost and found, because what would be the point of it just sitting in there? Then nobody would be wearing it. Hopefully the Universe will give it to someone who will like it.

So, I think we've solved our dining room table problem, or rather, Twyla did. There's been no final decision made yet, but we're maybe going to trade dining tables with Twyla and BroCo. Twyla says she loves our table, and theirs is round and would be about perfect for the space we have in our house. Is this not a brilliant idea of Twyla's? Answer: It is definitely brilliant.

Earlier this week Francisco prepared the 4 small raised beds by our patio for planting--we're going to plant baby lettuces in there (from seed) and a few other things I can't think of right now. He put hoops and plastic on the beds so we can start the seeds now, although we haven't yet done so. One big reason is because the neighbor cat is now using one of the beds as her personal litter box. We need to block her from getting in there, because we can't have her scratching up all our seeds and/or baby plants, but before we block her access I want to take a picture of her pooping in there; it's pretty funny.

I accomplished a lot today at work and got caught up. This makes me super happy because I think I will now stop waking up in the middle of the night to worry about work things. That is so aggravating.

Okay, I'm going to go have the World's Best Weekend now. It's my new thing to proclaim stuff like that nowadays. This morning I had the World's Best Shower and then put on the World's Cutest Outfit and left the house to have the World's Best Day At Work. It's a version of positive thinking and I believe it's doing me a bit of good. I hope you also have the World's Best Weekend. It's not a problem if we both have it--we can share the trophy.




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