So the Great Dining Table/Chair Swap of 2009 went off without a hitch yesterday and we are quite happy about it. The table is the perfect size for the dining area and the color looks good with the floor. Francisco also took the opportunity (as long as he was exerting himself with table carrying) to rearrange the living room area furniture as well and it's made a big difference--the room seems a lot larger now. The vinyl we ordered has arrived and the sofa will soon be recovered, which is Step Two in the living room cozification project. Francisco wants to go to Ikea in a couple of weeks (this involves a journey to the west side) to look for some kind of small sofa or loveseat that is comfortable but that also needs to be put together, because that's the only way we can get a sofa/loveseat up the stairs to the tv room--in pieces. If we can find something that'll work, we can take the brown chairs back down to the living room, and also we're thinking about ordering Flor tiles to make a big living room area rug. This redecoration is about to really take off, I can feel it.

HI! Did you fall asleep? If not, get ready to, because what I did this weekend was....not much. I went to Jazzercise except I was a little late (well. I was on time with MY clock, but their clock is fast and they'd started class already) and the floor was PACKED. I couldn't see any place to wedge myself in, so I left and went back home, where I accomplished dick all for the rest of the day. Sunday I was repentant of my lazy ways and managed to get some small chores done, as well as the big chore of filing all the papers we hadn't filed for more than a year (not sure why we hadn't done any filing. we just hadn't). It wasn't fun, but it wasn't Too horrible. Fast Times at Ridgemont High was on the television, and that was a pretty good distraction. It was the first R-rated movie I ever saw--I was 14--and of course I had lied to my parents about what movie my friends and I were going to see that night. After seeing it I desperately wanted to be Phoebe Cates--she is so pretty. Anyway, I got the filing done and used the treadmill and had a pretty good day. So I guess the weekend balanced out to being moderately productive, but next weekend will be better. I want to move all the volcanic rock someone put on the south side of the house (up against the foundation) so I can plant some stuff there. I'm thinking blueberries but I'm not positive they'd do well in that spot. I will do some research.

That's it, mitches.




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