"special" membership card


The second to last time I went to my favorite bookstore/art supply store, I was told they now have a free membership dealie where you get some money back to spend there, based on how much you spend there--kind of like the yearly dividends at REI. I signed up, of course, and was given the choice between a membership card and a membership sticker. I chose the sticker and was reportedly the first person to do so. Yesterday I made my own membership card out of shrink plastic and stuck the sticker on there; this project pleased me very much, even though I realized later that I'd misspelled the store name (used 2 Ls instead of one). I will go there sometime this week during my lunch hour, just so I can use my ho-made card, and maybe they won't notice the misspelling. I need a palette.

Friday I called in sick to work. I was feeling nauseous and tired and was worried the nausea was going to get worse--I pictured myself having to barf at work, which would be terrible, considering how far I'd have to run to get from my office to a bathroom. It's not a long distance, but if I needed to throw up, it would be too far. So I stayed home and the nausea subsided by the afternoon, but the tiredness remained. I was so fuzzy-headed Friday and Saturday I could barely function. Yesterday I woke up feeling much better and was able to get some stuff done. Nothing big, but a few things that were on my To Do list--I love crossing things off there. It snowed half the day yesterday and then the snow melted off in an hour or so; I was happy I didn't have to shovel. After Francisco got home from work we went for a walk. We walked to the library to turn in my books, and then to the Fred Meyer for a new salad spinner--the old one broke. It was nice to get out and move after three days in the house.

Speaking of the house, we're working on making the living room/dining room area cozier. This will involve getting a different dining table (round, which will fit much better into the space than the rectangular one), but I really love our table so I kind of don't want to make this change. We are also getting our couch reupholstered and we chose black vinyl. We asked about leather but we'd have to buy like 3 whole hides, and the hides are $1200 each. Way out of our budget, and also, even though I eat meat, the idea of buying hides is uneasy-making. We looked at fabrics, but the bottom line is we're tired of having to clean cat hair off the sofa, and it's not going to stick to vinyl. So vinyl it is, and we're going to get more seating of some type. Maybe a loveseat or a small sofa, or maybe a couple of armchairs. Also we will rearrange the furniture and get some different lighting and probably put down a big rug. Oh, also a screen will be involved. I think I'll take some before and after pictures.

That is all I have to tell you right now except the electricity was out this morning when I was getting ready for work. It went out about one minute before I was going to dry my hair and didn't come back on until it was too late to rescue my hair from looking stupid. So, bad hair day for Eva. Tomorrow we will have a rematch.




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