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I need to do a tiny bit of kvetching for a second, about my pharmacy. They've always been pretty decent and have never really messed anything up in the past, but this latest prescription incident is aggravating me (it's my new Synthroid dose, for those of you keeping track. which is who now? oh right, just me). I took the thing in on Saturday and waited for it, and was then told they could only give me 3 out of the 90 pills right then, because their supplies were dangerously low. Okay, whatever, I took the 3 pills and made plans to come back Monday, which is when the rest would be in. I went right after work last night and picked them up, and all appeared to be good until later that night when I took them out of the bag and noticed the little bottle was pretty light. I dumped the pills out to count and there were 27. 27 plus the 3 from last Saturday is 30 (duh)--I'd paid for 90, and the bottle Says there should be 90. I called the pharmacy and let them know, and after a couple of different people and being put on hold a few times, someone came on and said they were sorry about that and they would give me 60 more pills, free of charge. On autopilot I said okay, I'll come get them tomorrow, but after I hung up I thought, "Free of charge?? Uh...NO--I already paid for them, they're not free of charge.", and I guess it's my rampaging pms hormones, but this was so irritating I thought briefly of calling them up to argue the point. A few deep breaths later I changed my mind and let it go. See how I'm growing as a person? Ahem. Yeah. Anyway, I hope this little mess-up is an abberation, because there are pharmacies closer to me that I might have to switch to if this sort of thing becomes chronic.

Today I did Such a grown-up thing--I took some shoes in to be repaired. Granted these are shoes that have needed repairs for months and months, but still, getting shoes fixed seems responsible to me, so that's the feeling I'm going with. Afterwards I went to a couple stores right nearby to check out their shoes--they both have the good, comfortable European shoes, but I didn't find any that would be appropriate for office wear. I resisted falling in love with some funky boots, because I couldn't think of one thing to wear them with, and probably the shop wouldn't have had them in my size anyway. The shoe search continues.

Did I tell you how I've just renovated my morning routine comPLETEly, so that I can reclaim my lunch hour? Yesterday didn't go all that well, but it was the first day of the new routine, and I got to work less late than I have been, so that was a little progress. Today I was only 10 minutes late so I could take 50 minutes for lunchtime shopping, but I'm trying to figure out what else I can change so I can have a full hour. I think I just need to get up earlier, basically, because I don't know what else can be changed. I think having a lunch hour again will be Fantastic, because then I can do many of the little errands that now clutter up my weekend. Also, since Xmas is drawing near, it will be useful to be able to do some shopping during the work day, when the stores aren't so crowded. I think it's a very good thing. Thursday I'm having lunch with a couple of people (one coworker, one previous coworker) and I'm having my hair cut Friday, because the hair is wigging out and needs to be shown who's boss. I can't Wait. I have considered shopping for bras during one of my new lunch hours, but then I remembered the odyssey that is bra shopping and decided it has to be a weekend thing.

I just filled in my United Way pledge sheet and for a few minutes I was thinking about not donating at all this coming year, because 2 of the 3 charities I gave to last year are no longer listed as options. That is aggravating, especially because it meant I had to read the whole list carefully several times to try and decide who to switch over to. There's one group called the Raleigh Ringers and every time I read the name I thought it was the Raleigh Swingers, AND I kept considering, for the fraction of a second it took to figure out the real name, donating to it, just to spite the fucking United Way. I think I hate them, but I like giving money to charities and I dislike having to research charities and write checks to people. I am lazy and would rather have money deducted from my pay every month than do a little charity reconnaissance, but maybe next year. You hear me, United Way? Maybe next year you will cease getting money from me. Hear me and tremble.

Okay, so it's time to go home now, except that I have to go to the pharmacy first, and I really hope someone mentions giving me the pills free of charge so I can whip out the receipt I was given yesterday to show how I paid for them already, because that would give me some real satisfaction.


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