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This morning Francisco and I got up early and went for a walk [I wore my glasses, which always makes things more interesting. Is that a stick or a petrified lizard? That kind of thing], and when we came home and were making breakfast (cottage cheese with a tiny bit of fruit, plus roasted pepitas), Boy came downstairs and said Esther had woken him up a few minutes before with her meowing. This is her new thing--she talks to The Foot. The Foot is the rabbit's foot, the cats' main toy, and recently Esther does this thing where she meows loudly and rapidly, and when I go into the bedroom to see what the problem is, she's crouched over The Foot (on the bed, where she has carefully placed it), talking to it. I'm not sure what she's saying ("run so I can chase you!"), but she's sure saying something. I love this new thing--I think it's one of the cutest things ever.

Yesterday morning we got up in a timely fashion and went to our favorite breakfast place, where we proceeded to have delicious foods (I had the Eggs Benedict) while sitting outside on the patio, as it was a lovely morning. On the way back we saved two turtles within 5 minutes of each other; one was crossing a highway and the other was basking in the sun on a road. After arriving back at home, we set about doing stuff. Boy started some laundry and then went to see a bad movie with the vegan kids. I sewed black fabric to two pairs of Boy's pants (at the bottoms) to make them longer, because they were only a little short and are in great condition otherwise. I also made a wrist cuff for myself (and it only took three tries to get it right--I am lame) that I'm working on sewing buttons on now--want to cover it in buttons--and also made a hat for myself out of red fleece. It is a devil hat, because it has horns, and I think I might wear it to work on Halloween, for the lack of anything better to do. While I was doing those things Francisco was washing and cleaning the car and truck, buying cat food, and going to the dump. I vacuumed the house and wiped parts of the kitchen floor with a wet paper towel (no one ever said I'm not lazy) and then showered, for the second time that day. Francisco went to the track to run, and Boy came home from his bad movie and played basketball outside with the vegans and their friend. Dinner was thin crust pizza, which is not Schwarzbeinian, but into every life some pizza must fall. Or something. It was way too salty, and because of that I'm not weighing myself until at least Wednesday.

Last night I watched an episode of the new Real World/Road Rules challenge and due to something that happened on there, have decided to boycott it from now on. The thing that inspired the boycott was an event where the participants had to tread water in a pool while snakes swam around them. The thing is, the water was 48 degrees (fahrenheit), which is too cold for people and Definitely too cold for snakes. I would be surprised if many of those snakes didn't die, and I know lots of people hate snakes and don't care what happens to them, but these snakes didn't ask to be put into frigid water with people. Where were the snake wranglers??? The snakes were in the water for almost an hour, and I think it was a kind of torture for them, hence my vowing the boycott. I mean, I don't Love snakes. I'm not going to go out and hug and kiss some poisonous snakes (now that's sarcasm), but I like them and don't want people to do stupid, harmful stuff to them. Capische?

Recently I've been trying to teach Boy how to make friendship bracelets, and the first bracelet attempt was an unmitigated disaster. We started over yesterday, with a mere 3 strand bracelet, and somehow it's not looking like it should, BUT it's looking pretty cool. He did about 1/3 of the bracelet before losing interest in it/gaining interest in playing basketball, but hopefully he'll finish it and start a whole new trend (well, not new, but recycled) at his school. Because currently the trend there is bracelets made out of stretchy rubber things, and I think the time is right for something new (recycled).

On Saturday, besides cleaning things and watching a Netflick, we didn't do much. It was a lazy day and very enjoyable, made more so by the purchasing of tasteful Christmas decorations (okay, and a couple of tacky ones) at the horrendous Walmart, where I also bought pantihose, thus fulfilling that need. I didn't shop for shoes but I plan to do that tomorrow during my lunch hour. Friday night I think we watched a Netflick, and that's about it. Francisco and I have been going to bed rather early on the weekends, which might seem sad to some people, but it feels good to get a lot of sleep and still wake up by or around 7:00. It also makes Monday mornings a lot easier.

I went to the doctor today, and only had to wait an hour and a half past my appointment time--as you may know, that bugs me. Anyway, I didn't talk about The Stomach, since it's been okay lately, but I found out the back/hip pain I've been having is due to inflammation in my left pelvic joint, and that I should've been putting ice on it instead of heat. Oops. So for the next couple weeks I need to take Advil 3 times a day and apply ice (I called Francisco after my appointment and had him put the gel pack in the freezer) and do some lower back and abdominal strengthening things. This I can do, and if it fails, there's a backup thing of having ultrasound waves applied to the joint. So there you go; relief is in sight. I'm a little disappointed to not get muscle relaxants, because I've never had them before, but clearly they would be useless in this case.

Gotta go home soon, but on my way home, which is not on my way at all, I'm going to pick up my Synthroid prescription. On weekday nights I really hate leaving the house once I'm home, so errands are best run right after work. I'm a little old lady in a 35 year old body.


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