Spike me up, baby


Today has been surprisingly hellish. My assy boss is out of town and left what appeared to be a simple request on my desk, but which actually cost me almost 4 hours I could not afford to give. I wanted to kick that man in the crotch in the worst way. He'll be out until next Tuesday, along with the second and third in command bosses, and this leaves me in charge. Being in charge might sound fun, but I would far rather pass the buck upwards in most cases. I am lazy.

Buffy last night left me all depressed, like the way you feel when you read a book you really love and then it ends. Kind of that let-down feeling. I watched the episode twice; once at 8:00 and again when Francisco got home from his Tuesday Gun Thing. I liked it better the second time, and I think that's because during the first viewing I was disappointed in the ways it differed from the way I thought it should be. The second time I could enjoy it for what it was, but still, I'm a little sad at Spike's demise. I've read that James Marsters signed on to play Spike on Angel next season, and if that's true, then he won't stay dead. I haven't ever watched Angel before, but if Spike's going to be on there next season, you can bet I'll be watching. Yes. I'm a complete Spike whore.

Going to leave on time today, because I worked through lunch and that deserves something.


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