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I like surprises! Catie knows this, and that's why she sometimes changes my layout without telling me first. Isn't she the greatest?!! I always get this blank look on my face for about 3 seconds after unexpectedly seeing a new layout--it's like a very temporary fugue state while my brain tries to figure out what it's looking at. But then it's a fabulous surprise and I love it. So, thank you Catie!!

I got another surprise today, from Francisco. We went for a walk at lunch, and he showed up with a container full of ice and two diet dr. peppers. We left it in the truck while walking, and then we opened them and they were so cold and good. It's not every man who would think to bring ice cold sodas; that's why he's the best (or among the best, anyway). He also brought me the Schwarzbein Principle, which arrived in the mail today. That was not a surprise, per se (since I ordered it and knew it was coming), but I'm very happy to have it and will start reading it asap.

Earlier today I made the decision that I would like to decrease my dose of Synthroid, as long as my thyroid levels indicate that I can (I'll get the levels tested on Friday--blech, needles). This is because I've been reading a lot lately about Synthroid and have noticed a lot of people saying they were taking too much for awhile and felt fatigued and gained weight. I reflected on how, since I got my doseage increased, I've put on more pounds than I care to cop to here, and with little change in eating and exercising habits. And when I was getting the increase, the PA at the time said I was in normal levels at the lower dose, but I wanted the increase because I felt tired. Well I Still feel tired, so I can't see as it's done me any good, and this weight has got to go! So that's my big plan. I know other people's medical stuff is boring, so skip anything with the word Synthroid in it if you want, but it's my health and my life, and so I'm talking about it here. End of medical things.

Tonight's the last Buffy episode, and I am still aggravated that they're going to try and wrap the entire series up in one lousy hour (44 minutes, sans commercials). That is so wrong. I'm afraid it's going to make me a little mad to watch the episode, because inevitably I'll feel ripped off, but oh I'm watching it! The emails have been flying between me and my Seattle friend, Diana, who got me watching Buffy in the first place. She thinks Dawn might die, and I hope she's right. We'll see.

I've been doing a mentally ill thing lately. I've been occasionally imagining something rude or thoughtless that I can totally picture my boss doing, and then getting mad at him for it. I compose angry speeches in my head and get really cranky, and then of course I have to remind myself that, duh, he didn't even Do whatever I'm mad at him for. It's completely ridiculous of me to be imagining rude things that he might possibly do, and I would think it was amusing if I wasn't getting myself so riled up.

Dear Brain,

You are stupid and retarded. Please stop imagining potential bad things my boss might do, because I don't need the stress of being angry about something that never happened. It's bad enough that just this morning the boss shook his pee weiner at the toilet so that there was piss all over the rim and on the floor. Isn't he gross enough without you making up other stuff? Stop it.


The Management

Work is making me nuts today. Earlier I felt like maybe I was going to get a handle on the workload today, but then the emails and calls poured in, and now I'm in despair again. Why can't they all just leave me alone?? Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up.

Going to try to get lots of work done now. I'm working toward that vacation, you know.



PS Atomic--We're going up to Maine and then will work our way down. If you'll still be in Boston, maybe we could stop by and see you; bring you an NC collector spoon or something. Yes? No? (circle one) |


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