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I've decided I need to work on my nascent [okay, bad] Scottish accent and fine-tune it to perfection, because I don't always have the most winning way when interacting with other people, and the Scottish accent is so likeable that it could be useful to employ when I knew I needed some extra charmingness. I'm thinking mainly of situations like car accidents or asking people if I can photograph their hideous garden gnomes; stuff like that. I wonder if I can find a tutorial.

The pen is all off my face now. It mostly wore off yesterday and was gone after I washed my face last night. So really, eye liner is the way you should go if at all possible, when writing on your face, but if you don't have eyeliner, it wouldn't be the worst thing ever if you used felt pen. Just avoid the under-eye area.

Today I met with someone from another department who just started her job and wanted some information because she's going to be doing some of the stuff I do, except at the graduate level. She was very nice and I was curious about where she's from, because she had a light accent. I was guessing she's Dutch but I didn't ask, which is a good thing because I found out later she's from Finland; I just know I would've embarrassed myself by immediately starting to babble about how much I love her fellow Finn, Sami Hyypia. It's much more professional of me to have emailed her later, instead, to talk about my super secret boyfriend; I'm sure she's very impressed with me.

One of my coworkers has recently been making "breads" consisting of melted ice cream and self-rising flour. Today she made some "bread" [hello it's cake] with Twix ice cream and annouced to all that there was some Trix bread in the kitchen. I have no problem with this; I just think it's funny.

Yesterday I became intrigued by pinhole cameras and I think I need to make one. Have any of you done that before? Any and all advice would be appreciated, because there are tons of sites about pinhole cameras, but it's always helpful to have those 'what not to do' stories.

Songs of the Day:

Keren Ann -- Au Coin du Monde, at Filles Sourires.

Noir Desir -- La Vent Nous Portera, at Motel de Moka.

Jefferson Airplane -- Embryonic Journey, at Moistworks.

For Catie: The Long Blondes -- Christmas is Cancelled, at Dreams of Horses.

GD Luxe -- Will, at Big Stereo.

Akufen -- Deck the House, at tmwsiy*.

Tangiers -- Dragging the Harbor, at Sixeyes.

Tonight I will watch Lost and try to muster the energy to do something, ANYthing, other than watch television. I've been pretty tired lately, and this morning I laid awake for awhile before falling back to sleep at 5:45-ish. This meant that at 6:40 when Francisco woke me up, I had to fight my way out of a deep sleep about my job and being kidnapped by someone I used to know in high school. I plan to sleep better than that tonight; wish me luck.

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