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Dear Friends,

A small piece of advice which I am Sure y'all do not need because you aren't as dumb as I am and do not rush into things without thinking them through, but should you get the desire to write on your face? You should probably use eyeliner instead of felt tip pen, because felt tip pen is not as easy to wash off as you might think. The pen I used wasn't permanent, so I thought it'd come off with regular cleansing products, but instead I had to scrub it off with isopropyl alcohol. I didn't want to use that on my under-eye area, though, so I had to come to work today with a faint, but visible, pen mark below my eye. No one has asked me about it; they probably think I just had a seizure while applying my eyeliner this morning. Still, I don't regret writing on my face, because I enjoyed doing it and taking that picture made me laugh. I mean, if a girl has to get her face partially paralyzed Anyway, she might as well take advantage of that.

Since I posted 3 totally awesome entries yesterday, I don't feel compelled to manufacture an update out of thin air today (which is what I'd have to do--nothing of interest has occurred today), but I will give you a couple of songs:

Laura Veirs -- Galaxy, at My Old Kentucky Blog.

Oppenheimer -- My Son The Astronaut, at

Do you remember me talking about winning an eBay auction for a Liverpool jersey, several weeks back? Update: I had to get a refund, because the jersey disappeared in the mail--the seller says he thinks customs took it [?]. I'm not sad about it, though, because after I bought it I was wishing I'd bid on a short-sleeve one instead, so now I can get short sleeves as well as getting my super secret boyfriend's name on the back [Hyypia, in case you needed a refresher]. Thank you, Universe.

Francisco told me he's making macaroni and cheese for dinner, and I could not be more pleased. See also: Have been ravenous all day.

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