brevity is the soul of something or other


Low on time. Must write quickly. Can't wait to leave office. Cocktail shining brightly on horizon. Here is my weekend to-do list:

1) purge craft stuff and kitchen cabinets
2) get ribbon for exchange ornaments
3) make some lists
4) knit knit knit

Those are in addition to the usual laundry/bathroom cleaning/sheet changing things. I also want to go through the Contaflex users manual I downloaded from the web and see what I can do with that camera--maybe I'll even buy film; who knows?

Songs of the Day:

Sara Culler -- Lies of Justice House, at Swedes Please.

Iron & Wine and Calexico -- Wild Horses, at Gorilla vs Bear.

Iron & Wine and Calexico -- All Tomorrow's Parties, also at Gorilla vs Bear.

A selection of fantastic Christmas-themed songs, ALSO at Gorilla vs. Bear--that site rocks so hard; I Love it.

Going home now, to get that cocktail. I think I'll have a martini with a jalapeno-stuffed olive. Mm!!

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