six things to tell you


My beloved Internet, here is what I want to tell you today:

1) I think I might be almost over my digestive infection. I hope I'm not jinxing myself by announcing that, but I've been feeling so much better and I'm extremely grateful for it. It might be just coincidence, but ever since I resumed exercising -- walking on the treadmill 5-6 mornings a week -- things have improved amazingly. Possibly I would have gotten better if I wasn't exercising, but there's no way to know. Anyway, right at this moment I feel like things are 98% back to normal, and I hope nothing happens to ruin that. Hooray for feeling almost normal! Fingers crossed for continued normalcy!

2) Fall is here and I've resigned myself to it. It would be more welcome if we'd had a hot summer like we usually do, but whatever. Today I started knitting my first sock, because fall is when I suddenly want to knit again, and I've wanted to make socks for a long time. I started knitting my first sock yesterday too, but I messed it up by twisting my stitches for the first time ever, so that suddenly I was knitting a Mobius sock. Does not work with foot! So I unraveled and started over again today and today the sock is regular, not Mobius. I'm excited to make socks, Internet, and I'll tell you a secret: Once I've mastered socks, my big plan is to knit myself a pair of lovely wool tights. Oh yes, it's going to happen, and when it does, you shall be bored with the details. Brace for impact.

3) We're talking about putting a wood stove in the living room. We have super cold winters and our heat is all electric, so it would be comforting to have a backup in case we lose electricity, and PLUS, fires are so cozy, yes? I wonder if we could find a German Baptist who specializes in wood stove installation.

4) We're talking about going to Puerto Vallarta in January or February, as our big vacation this year. Francisco's been researching it and says it sounds pretty good -- it's past its big heyday as a vacation spot (which was no doubt fueled by the original Love Boat series) but still has loads to offer, and no violent shootings as of yet. Also, it's picturesque. Also, there's swimming and shopping and snorkeling and ooh hopefully stand-up paddle boarding, because I've been wanting to try that since we were in Hawaii. We were talking about taking a longer vacation to someplace more exotic and farther away, but for a couple reasons we now want to use less vacation time and spend less money. Puerto Vallarta would be a good choice for those criteria, and also we could practice our embryonic Spanish. I hope we go.

5) Francisco was moving some of his t-shirts from our bedroom dresser to the guest bedroom dresser (or vice versa -- who can keep track?) and he temporarily put some of them on the guest bed except he ended up leaving them there for a week because Esther made a little nest in them. Yesterday he wanted to finally put them away, so he went to the pet store and bought her a new, fleecy cat bed that will stay on the guest bed when it's not in use. He's such a good cat dad. She's been laying in it off and on; she's not completely sold yet, but I'm sure she'll get there. She wants her t-shirts back!

6) Last night Francisco made us a dinner that contained 10 things from our garden. I regret to report we were insufferably proud of ourselves for that. It WAS delicious, though.

This is all for now.



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