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Yesterday I had my annual exam with my doctor's fill-in doctor and I mentioned that the internal med specialist thought I should have the ovary ultrasound, so he said he wanted to feel my ovaries. What he did not mention is he wanted to feel them via a pelvic exam, rather than just probing my abdomen, which is what I thought he meant. I only have to do paps once every three years, and this is not a pap year, so I was not expecting anyone up in my business and did not groom accordingly (things are not quite at Buckwheat wig levels of ungroomedness, but it's kind of wild down there). So when he allofasudden got out the stirrups and clarified that he was going to do a pelvic exam, I said "oh! well, I'm not prepared". I asked him if his feeling my ovaries would do away with the need for an ultrasound and he said no, so I said please do not feel them. I mean, what's the point if I still have to do the ultrasound? No point. They scheduled the ultrasound for next Tuesday, which is actually perfect because I have my October leave-without-pay day that day, and it's like the ultrasound the pregnant ladies have to get, in that I have to have a super full bladder for it. That part I'm not really looking forward to. I'm going along with this ultrasound just to shut them up about it; I absolutely do not think I have ovarian cancer. I also gave him permission to do something called an ANA test on my blood (the leftover blood they had from last week's blood draw -- I didn't have to get poked again) to make sure I don't have Lupus, which apparently has some similar symptoms to Rosacea. I don't think I have Lupus, but if he's not going to address the Rosacea issue until he rules out Lupus, then fine. FINE. Rule it out and then give me some damn skin medicine already. Oh doctors. They can be such fussy old ladies. I liked this doctor okay (after a rocky start where he started talking about my "IBS" [which, to recap the last 10 months of aggrieved diary updates, I do not think I have], but I miss my doctor. I had planned to switch primary care doctors, but I think I won't after all. My doctor is just so easy to talk to and easy to work with, and I don't think it's his fault that he couldn't figure out what's wrong with me, because even that damn specialist had no idea and could not be arsed to investigate further. Can you tell I'm feeling less bitter now that I'm feeling so much better? Yesterday's doctor is apparently BFFs with my doctor and started telling me all about my doctor's cancer, and I was interested but was wondering the whole time, "Um...should you really be telling me this?", but then toward the end of our conversation he said he'd gotten permission from my doctor to tell his clients how he is and etc, so I guess it's fine for me to know. My doctor had (he got it removed yesterday) a tumor in one of his gluteous muscles. An ass muscle tumor! I had no idea such a thing was possible, but the cancer hasn't spread, so after some radiation he should be fine. Poor guy. Maybe I'll knit him a buttock.

Not many plans for the weekend, which is nice. I want to go to Target on Saturday, and as long as I'll be in Yakima for that I might as well go to TJ Maxx, right? And maybe the fabric store? Oh, and that awesome Value Village that I love so much? Oh man, now I can hardly WAIT to go! I hope you have some fun plans for you weekend.




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