photo intensive


It's the autumn 7 Days run (7 days of self portraits) on Flickr, and I'm really enjoying it.

Day One

Saturday night with Esther

Day Two

"What's the oldest thing in our house?", I asked Chris.

Day Three

Day Three

Today's photo will contain pumpkins in some way, as Francisco harvested 21 of them from our two pumpkin plants yesterday. Maybe I will have him partially bury me in them, I don't know.

Not a lot I can tell you otherwise. I got an ocular rosacea diagnosis of my eye problem, and what the eye doctor is having me try first is taking big fish oil capsules, morning and night, and doing warm compresses and eye massages morning and night. I think it's helping a bit, but these things are no miracle cure. Also, having to tack ten minutes of warm compresses onto my morning routine is a little cranky-making. I already had trouble getting out the door on time; this compress thing is not helping the cause. I had to have Francisco get me a timer so I'd know when ten minutes was up. As blind as I am, I can't just sneak a peek at the clock, because I can't see the clock or the wall the clock is on. The timer is helping a lot, but can I just say, ten minutes is an effing long time to hold warm compresses on the eyeballs.

Since I've been wearing my glasses most days lately, I haven't been wearing much makeup, but I decided this morning that I need to make the effort so I can feel at least a little cute. I discovered that applying makeup is really hard when you can't see what you're doing. My attempt at mascara had to be toned down from Tammy Faye levels, and also I poked myself in the eye with the mascara brush. I will soldier on in the face of these adversities.

Last thing: Last week poor Esther all of a sudden got a bladder infection. One minute she was peeing normally and the next she was going into the litter box every 3 minutes and peeing a teeny tiny amount. She had to spend practically all of Thursday at the vet while they waited to get a urine sample out of her, and then she got an antibiotic shot and I took her home. Poor girl; she was soo miserable that night. SO miserable. But by Friday morning she seemed a lot better and she's more or less back to her old self now. Phew! I was pretty worried. I love her so much.

everytime I think she can't get cuter, she raises the bar

Talk to you soon!



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