dear shrimp & grits, I love you


Remember Marco Rodriguez, aka Chiqui Dracula?

mi arbitro favorito de la liga Mexicana

He refereed the Monterrey/Toluca game yesterday, which was the final for the Apertura 2005 tournament, and he has officially moved up to #1 favorite ref status. He gives out a lot more cards than I would if I were refereeing (for instance, he red carded someone in like the 3rd minute of the game, for what I think was a yellow card offense, if that), but he continues to style himself like Dracula, and that's worth a lot to me. I guess if Toluca (my Mexican league team) had lost I might feel differently about Marco Rodriguez, but Toluca won so Chiqui Dracula and I are best friends. Also, can I pick a team, or what? Unfortunately, though, Liverpool lost their match against Sao Paolo yesterday, 1-0, and that game was so tense I was spent afterwards and was sorely tempted to go back to bed. Liverpool actually scored two or three goals (can't remember) in the second half but all of them were disallowed for off-sides, which I understand the Liverpool manager, Rafa Benitez, is up in arms about. Whatever, I just hope this doesn't derail Liverpool's momentum, because they've got a lot of games coming up at the end of this month. Rest up, Sami!

Yesterday I had the house to myself, as expected, since Sharky was at his referee training workshop and Francisco was Shootenannying. I did a few chore-ish things, but I also spent awhile scanning pictures and posting them to Flickr. I scanned in the decent Smena pictures; this one is my favorite of those:

truck stop

I have to say, I'm surprised how much I like taking pictures with film; the results are very different than with digital. I finished the second Smena roll yesterday and will hopefully be able to get it developed soon. I put black and white film in the Smena yesterday, and can hardly wait to start experimenting with that.

As long as I was on a scanning roll yesterday, I also did some old polaroids that were Chris's family's; these two are my favorites:



Our dinner out on Friday night was fantastic. We were early to the restaurant but planned to have a cocktail in the bar, except our table was ready--this was good because we were both starving. We had martinis and some jalapeno-cheese hush puppies (recommended) and then we had wine and shrimp & grits (me) and something like cheesy ham (Francisco) which isn't what it was called, but what they were calling it still didn't do it justice--it was good ham. We finished off with coffee and when we left we'd been there an hour and a half, which was about the perfect amount of time; I like when restaurants don't try to rush your ass out the door.

I had a lot to tell from my weekend but now I've completely forgotten all the good stuff. Maddening!! Maybe I'll remember it by tomorrow.

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