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The workshop I went to yesterday was designed to teach us the process of applying to attend an American school as an international student, and most of the time was spent in an exercise where we all applied for school and had to go around to different stations that were set up as real offices. "Bank", "passport office", etc. I'm going to tell you the main lesson I learned, as it is one that surely applies to every facet of life and will be helpful for one and all. Ready? It really helps to be a rich princess. I know this because right off the bat I declared myself a princess and the bank guy went along with it. He gave me a slip of paper stating that I had a million dollars to cover my educational costs, and after that everything was easy. I promised llamas and color television sets as gifts from my father, The King, and pretty soon I was on that fake plane (couch) to America. My only complaint is I ordered a gin & tonic on the planecouch and didn't get it; my very powerful father is not going to be happy about that. Anyway, if you can come back in your next life either very wealthy, as royalty, or preferably both, I highly recommend it. I know that's what I'LL be doing next time around, for sure.

I woke up this morning (and several times during the night) with a very sore neck, so naturally I suspect I have meningitis. I took some ibuprofen and the meningitis hasn't progressed, but I still feel a little off. Sharky has a cold right now that he's spreading around the house, methodically, and I can't see how we'll avoid getting the cold too, because I think even if he was Trying to infect every square inch of the house, he couldn't do any better than he already is. So probably the sore neck/headache is just me getting that cold, but it's sad timing, as today is Francisco's and my wedding anniversary and I wanted to feel good for our little celebration dinner. Sharky will be at a soccer referee training clinic tonight, as well as tomorrow and Sunday, so Francisco and I are going on a date. We've been married 16 years (though Francisco would tell you it feels like much longer) and it's been a very happy 16 years. Congrats to Kimmy, as it's her and Dan's anniversary today too!! We wanted to include a viewing of Brokeback Mountain in our anniversary celebration, but alas, it's not showing around here yet. That makes me very angry.

Re: Sharky's referee training, I would like to state for the record that I was thinking (but not talking) about becoming a soccer referee a few days before he came home with the clinic announcement, so it is surely a sign from the Universe. I think I would be a fantastic referee, since I am fair and also know how to stand firm in the face of arguing and abuse (on-the-job training), but I wonder if I would be deemed too blind to be a referee. That would suck. Sharky wouldn't have that problem and I know he will be a very good referee, if he decides to pursue that as something he's interested in long term. Plus he'll get to yellow and red card people, and how much fun will That be? Very, I'd imagine. He's a good boy.

This weekend I've got some things to work on, and something I'm pleased about is the prospect of having the house to myself on Sunday, while Sharky's at the referee clinic and Francisco's at his shootenanny. I'll try to get my chore things done tomorrow so I can do more amusing projects on Sunday. I want to take some pictures this weekend, so I can finish the roll in the Smena (only 3 or 4 pics to go) and put a roll of black and white in, and I gave Jeff his $1 camera today and the contest is officially on now. I'm a little uneasy about whether or not that camera is advancing the film, because the counter is not changing, so maybe I'll need to spend time fiddling with it in the pitch dark bathroom, to determine whether anything is happening when I wind the film advance.

Songs of the Day:

Stars -- Look Up, at Poptext. There's also another good Stars song there.

Lionel Ritchie & Diana Ross -- Endless Love, at A Blog Soup. Come ON! I'm so pleased to see this song today; it is just about right for a Friday. SAVORY.

Al Green -- Let's Stay Together, also at A Blog Soup.

I've been somewhat harried today, which means I not only didn't get my work done, I also didn't email my friends back. The lesson here is, I suck, but I'm going to do 800 times better next week. Have a good weekend, kittycats.

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