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On Friday Francisco bought a tulip-forcing kit (a "kit" in the sense that it had a container and bulbs already rooted in water) and do you know, the instructions included the admonition "do not drink the water"?? Who is going to look at that murky root water and think, "mmm....that looks good and I'm So thirsty..." . I wish companies didn't have to write instructions for the dumbest people.

So I watched the rest of the Toluca/Monterrey game I spoke of yesterday, and I wish I'd waited to tell you about it, because get this: Chiqui Dracula ended up sending off (red carding) THREE Monterrey players. The first was in the 3rd minute, so I'd seen that, but later in the game he sent off two others for various offenses. You're probably sitting there saying 'so what?', but trust me, that is Crazy.

I think I've talked before about how I sometimes think there's a ghost in our house, and on Sunday a couple of things happened to fuel those suspicions. The first thing was how the covers were turned down on the bed (flipped down about a foot) after I emerged from the shower, when I know for a FACT they weren't like that when I went into the bathroom to take a shower, because I put my pajamas under my pillow. I should mention I was alone in the house except for the cats, and I decided one of the cats got frisky and tried to get under the covers and ended up flipping them like that somehow. But then later, I went downstairs (after awhile in the office) to find the air purifier in the bedroom turned on full blast, and I can't see how the cats would manage that. So, ghost maybe?

Songs of the Day:

Caribou -- Pelican Narrows, at Shake Your Fist. Lots of other good songs there, too.

The Ark -- Rock City Wankers, at My Old Kentucky Blog

Beck -- Earthquake Weather, at Feed Me Good Tunes.

The White Stripes -- One More Cup of Coffee, at Locust St..

We Are Scientists -- Mucho Mas, at You Ain't No Picasso.

Wall of Voodoo -- Mexican Radio, at Lil Mike's Last Known Thoughts & Random Revelations.

Wesley Willis -- Jello Biafra, at Culture Bully; it's the last song in the list--scroll down.

Francisco and I walked at lunch today and I took pictures with my $1 camera, because I need to at least Try to win the contest, even if I'm not hopeful.

I'm going home now to have macaroni and cheese. It probably sounds like we eat that a lot, but really we don't have it more than once a month (if that); it's just I always seem to mention it when we do have it. Because it is delicious.

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