The night before last, I was walking out the the parking lot after work, and I was kind of behind (getting ready to pass up) an older gentleman who was walking slowly, when he let off a series of farts--real rippers, too. I wasn't sure he knew I was there, because I'm a fairly quiet walker, so then I had to decide between continuing to walk fast and pass him or hang back so he wouldn't potentially be embarrassed by his loud emissions. I chose to pass him, because it was cold out, and also, I didn't really want to be downwind. I don't know if he was embarrassed, but he didn't need to be; I hear farts much more impressive than those on a daily basis, what with Francisco and Sharky's perpetual gassiness.

This afternoon our employer had the annual holiday party, and for some reason I decided to go this year. It wasn't horrendous, and in fact I think it was a tiny bit better than in previous years (the music and decorations were better), but my coworkers were complaining because the only dessert item was ice cream, and hello it's really very cold outside. I was planning to leave early today and do a spot of Xmas shopping on my way home, but the party cut into my working time. What also cut into my time was a horrendous big meeting I had to go to this morning--an hour and 15 minutes of self-congratulatory nonsense. Where was Joyce with the brandy neck cask?

Songs of the Day:

Snoop Dogg -- Gin and Juice, at Locust St..

Wild Cherry -- Play that Funky Music, at ickmusic.

13 Ghosts -- In the Morning, at Mystery & Misery. There are 4 other of their songs on that site, as well, if you like that one.

The Love Drunks -- Revenge, at songs: illinois.

Fiasco -- Those Feelings, at The Music Slut.

New Buffalo, 3 songs, at 3hive.

You know, far be it for me to complain [hahahahaha, ohhhhhhhhh that's a good one], but it is BUTT ASS COLD here this week, and today the office is so frigid I was sitting around in my coat this afternoon. I also wore gloves for awhile but it was too hard to type in those. I have no problem with the cold being outdoors, right, but having to freeze at work is, as Bob Bobson might say, poor; very poor. I hope it's warmer in here tomorrow, because otherwise I'll be forced to invent a blinding migraine and head home.

Ooh, speaking of which....

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