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Interweb, I would like to tell you how I eat a pear, because I'm eating one right now and I'm not sure if this method is unusual or not. First, I pull the stem out. Then I jam as much of the top (stemhole first) into my mouth as will fit, bite it off, and eat it. That's my favorite part, kind of like the heart of a watermelon. After that, I just eat from the top down, finishing every little bit that isn't the seedy part--it's pretty anticlimactic after the grand scarfing of the top, really. Anyway, the moral of the story is, pears are delicious.

Did I tell you I like to pretend our office has a ghost? We work in an old house, so it's entirely possible someone died here in the past and their ghost is hanging around, and I pretend it's true because it explains all the creepy noises in here when I'm working alone. I'd rather the creepy noises be from a ghost than from someone breaking in through the basement. When I leave (and no one else is here) I always say goodnight to the ghost, and last Friday I raised my window blinds so the ghost could enjoy sunshine over the weekend. If there IS a ghost, I at least want to be on his/her good side, you know?

Francisco walked with me at lunch and then he went grocery shopping and picked up my first roll of Smena pictures. He knew I was sort of dreading getting them back, because I thought it was possible they'd all be horrible, so he called to tell me they all came out--none of them are over or underexposed. How interesting they are, I don't know, but I'll scan any good ones and post them on on Flickr soon. I'm excited to see them!

As you've probably heard, over and over again, Brokeback Mountain is set to be released nationwide in 10 days or so, and I've been wanting to see that movie ever since reading the short story 2+ years ago. It's soooooo good, and when I found out today that it's available on the net in its entirety, I thought I should surely post a link to it; you can read it here. I posted a link to an abridged version a long time ago, but the full story is the best. Annie Proulx is a fantastic writer.

Songs of the Day:

Nous Non Plus -- La Ballade de Tourette, at The Smudge of Ashen Fluff.

Half-Handed Cloud -- Asian Meteorologists Predicted the Heavens to Snow Down a Child a Child to Us, at Gorilla vs Bear.

Luqado -- Duet para Theramin y Sousaphone, at A Best Truth. I don't love love love this song per se, but I do love the theramin. That is all.

Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra -- Remax, at Music for Maniacs.

Mike Jones -- Cuttin' (remix), at Fluxblog. The description of this song, and of Mike Jones in general, on Fluxblog is better than the song itself, so at least go read that, even if you don't like the hip hop.

I will continue to make the previous lack of songs up to you, but today I just couldn't find many I liked. Maybe tomorrow will be better. *fingers crossed*

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