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Oh man, I'm so glad it's the weekend. Francisco's making pasta with that fantastic mushroom sauce for dinner, and Sharky's going to a sleepover tonight. I figure we'll watch a Netflick and, you know. Do other stuff. This weekend I'd like to finish Xmas shopping, or at least purchase the gifts we'll be mailing, and other than that I guess it'll be the usual weekend stuff, i.e. cocaine and man whores.

Things that are good: Nice lotion (EO lavender is my fave), good soap, cozy socks (lambswool's the best), leiden cheese, a down comforter, having tea (herbal) after dinner--around 8-ish, ambient light (I HATE ceiling lights), putting on warm clothes straight from the dryer, clean sheets, cloth napkins (we've recently switched over to cloth napkins for dinner, because we have a bunch we never use and they're nicer than paper), weekends (duh), purring cats.

I forgot to talk about the smena pics. A couple of them are blurry, and there really aren't any that are interesting right now, but there are some that will be at least more interesting after I scan and crop them. I'll need to figure out framing with this camera, as the pictures it takes don't exactly correspond with what appears in the viewfinder. But I'm encouraged, because I like the way the pics look, overall, and I can tell I'm going to like taking double exposures. So, I consider the first roll a success.

OMW y'all! Leslie Hall's website says Leslie and the LYs will be in Durham on Jan 16! It's a Monday night and I don't know for sure if we can go, but I marked myself out in the morning on the 17th, just in case, because I fully intend to go if at all possible. Score!

Songs of the Day:

The Decemberists -- The Bagman's Gamble, at Kill All Artists.

Toni Basil -- Hey Mickey IN SPANISH, at So Much Silence. Have I posted this song before? Because I have it but don't think I was doing this song of the day nonsense when I downloaded it, several months ago. If it's a repeat, please to ignore my foolishness.

MIA -- 10$, at Shake Your Fist.

I can't think of anything to tell you, Interweb. Francisco and I went for a walk at lunch, but nothing weird or exciting happened, so it's not exactly newsworthy. I think you and I are just going to have to accept the fact that I'm boring today. I hope to be funnier on Monday. Have a great weekend!

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