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So, y'all know how Francisco likes competitive shooting, right? He enjoys it and is good at it, and he not only likes doing it, but he also has the Tivo pick up a few shooting shows here and there. Last night he was watching one that he watches regularly, and it was showing highlights of the 2004 USPSA Handgun National Championship. I am mentioning it to you because I watched it with him (had Esther on my lap--I was pinned) and I was greatly pleased by the outcome. The official 2004 USPSA Handgun National Champion is a guy named Max Michel, but he didn't actually win; he came in second. The guy who won is Eric Grauffel, and he won by over 50 points, but he is French and therefore cannot be the National Champion. I really like that a French guy came over here and kicked American asses at handgun shooting, as he did the previous year as well--this is the second year in a row he won but isn't the champion. Take THAT, Freedom Fry people!

Today I have a really bad headache and a fever that seems to be going up and down according to its own whimsy. I have so far swallowed two of the Doxycycline the doctor I saw yesterday prescribed, and do you know, he had that prescription written before he even talked to me. I didn't know that until he'd cross-examined me about my symptoms and then said, "we're going to treat you for tick-borne illness", but instead of whipping out the prescription pad and a pen, he pulled an already-written one out of the papers in his hand. I considered asking him why he hadn't just forked it over to start with and saved us each the ten minutes, but I figure he had to make sure I wasn't shamming or sick with something that obviously isn't tick-related.

I would write more than this except I think I'm going to head home early, meaning as close to now as possible. I haven't trolled the music blogs lately, and so I still don't have songs of the day for you, but this weekend when I start feeling better I will make the music blog rounds and will get back to you with several good songs.

Have a great weekend,

PS The doctor yesterday stressed the importance of me staying out of the sun as much as possible while I'm taking the Doxycycline--apparently sun and that medicine don't mix and I could have some kind of dire reaction. I'm trying to figure out how to do that at our class reunion next weekend. The park we're going to on the first day has ample shade (if I'm remembering correctly), but on the second day we're going to be hanging out in the class president's parents' backyard, so I'll have to email him to ask about the shade situation. I was thinking if they don't have much shade, maybe I could get (rent?) some kind of shade tent, dress like a gypsy, and read tarot cards for everyone, because I do so Love to follow a theme when at all feasible. |


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