my dream job today: Godzilla


Today I am:

* Cranky [work has been vexing]
* Unwell [will be going to the doctor at 3:30]
* Snowed under with work I don't feel capable of doing at this time [see also: Unwell]
* Stressed [I fly out west for the reunion in less than a week! WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR?]
* Scatterbrained

Probably I shouldn't have bothered to write an entry today, since I'm just PissyPants McScowlington over here, but I didn't post an entry yesterday and I wanted to say hi.

Another thing, I had an email this morning from my friend who's starting the book club I'm going to be in, and the first meeting is Monday (which I totally didn't know--why was I not told sooner??), and OF COURSE now I don't want to go. I knew this would happen. I'm going anyway.

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